previews stage 20 the the 2021 tour de France. A time trial will decide the final GC standings and the winner of the yellow jersey.

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The penultimate phase of the 2021 tourism de France is a 30km time trial in between Libourne and Saint-Émilion, i m sorry takes place on Saturday 17th July.

critical year, the stage 20 time trial led to drama, elation and also heartbreak every in equal measure. Tadej Pogačar soared up La Planche des Belles Filles to win the tourism de France, steal the race from his compatriot Primož Roglič in ~ the final opportunity. His Jumbo-Visma teammates Wout valve Aert and also Tom Dumoulin looked ~ above astounded, creating one that the many iconic agree cycling photos in current memory.

Expecting drama to a similar degree this year would be hopeful. Pogačar holds a five-minute command in the yellow jersey — other would have to go horrible wrong because that him to shed the race. However, a stage win at the tourism de France is quiet up because that grabs, and the best of the rest will offer their every to finish positively in the basic classification.

Stage 19 to be won by the breakaway, with Matej Mohorič to win his 2nd stage that the race. The successful team of escapees pressed far from the peloton some 90km right into the stage, and also after Israel Start-Up country briefly chased for date of birth boy André Greipel, that quickly became clear that victory would come from the group. Mohorič attacked through 28km remaining and was never ever seen again, whilst Christophe Laporte and also Casper Pedersen finished second and third respectively.

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Stage 20 profile

The riders will leave the begin ramp in Libourne because that a largely level time trial. The very first time check occurs in Pomerol 7.6km in, which will certainly provide the very first indications as to who is feeling strong.

Around 16.5km into the stage, over there is a quick 500 metre ramp uphill which averages approximately 4.5%. This clues the halfway point of the moment trial, for this reason the riders should proceed to measure your effort. However, those who have the form should try to strength up this section. Next, a short climb carries the riders come the penultimate time inspect in Montage in ~ kilometre 20.

The final few kilometres progressively rise uphill to a false flat. Although the percentages don"t exceed 3%, lot of of time have the right to be won and lost here, for this reason the riders have to keep sufficient power in reserve with this section in mind.


Image credit: CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON/AFP via Getty Images

The time attempt is comparable to the stage 5 time trial that took place earlier in the Tour. This path is just a pair of kilometres longer and also features similar terrain — mostly level with a couple of brief ramps which need to be accounting for.

Tadej Pogačar was the winner the day which surprised many. It was a sublime screen from the Slovenian, who beat Stefan Küng by superb 19 seconds regardless of the terrain watch favouring the Swiss powerhouse. ~ his success on La Planche des Belles Filles critical year, Pogačar is now bidding to success his third Tour de France time attempt in a row. He starts the phase as among the favourites not only to protect the yellow jersey, but additionally win the stage.

Stefan Küng was second in Laval and also was visibly gutted after Pogačar crossed the line to to win his long-standing time at the optimal of the leaderboard. Due to the fact that then, Küng has been mainly anonymous through his eyes firmly placed on this stage. The Swiss time psychological champ has actually never winner a tour de France phase (bar contributing come the BMC team time trial victory in 2018), and also he will certainly be desperate to adjust that here.

Wout van Aert target both stage victory and the yellow jersey ~ above the phase 5 time trial, so was disappointed to just come away with 4th place. Valve Aert won the just other time psychological he gotten in this year — he beat Küng, Pogačar and Filippo Ganna at Tirreno-Adriatico. Valve Aert has uncovered his kind as the tourism de France has developed after suffering from appendicitis before the race began. He have to be considered among the top contenders.

EF education and learning - Nippo’s Stefan Bissegger was among the favourites entering the stage 5 time trial, but he could only finish 18th. However, that doesn’t tell the complete story. Uneven the various other favourites, Bissegger was subject to wet weather problems which meant he was unable to strike the corners, ultimately putting salary to his chances. If he it s okay a little much more luck, he might be an overwhelming for the phase this time.

Other TT professionals with a chance incorporate Mikkel Bjerg, Kasper Asgreen and Brandon McNulty.

Behind Pogačar, over there is tho plenty up because that grabs in the general classification. Less than 5 minutes separate second and eighth, and also the time trial will certainly decide the final standings. Jonas Vingegaard and Richard Carapaz currently hold the two lower steps top top the podium. With simply a few seconds separating them, Vingegaard will feel much more comfortable. The Dane is an upstream time trialist which is proven by his 3rd place on phase 5. This makes Vingegaard the heavy favourite to finish second overall, ahead of Carapaz.

Further back, Ben O"Connor and Wilco Kelderman will fight because that the adhering to places in the GC after Rigoberto Urán fell the end of contention top top the Col du Tourmalet. With under a minute separating the two riders, Kelderman will certainly aim to leapfrog O"Connor into 4th place. 

Further back, Alexey Lutsenko sits seventh in the GC, i beg your pardon is a fine performance — his ahead best GC place at any kind of Grand tour was 19th. That is a strong time trialist too, so might impose self on Enric Mas ahead. However, Lutsenko has lost too much time in the hills to concern the top five.

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Notable begin Times

13:08 mark Cavendish13:17 chris Froome13:45 Mikkel Bjerg13:54 Stefan Bissegger14:53 Brandon McNulty15:03 Kasper Asgreen15:33 Stefan Küng 15:57 chris Froome16:43 Wout valve Aert17:11 Wilco Kelderman17:13 Ben O"Connor17:15 Richard Carapaz17:17 Jonas Vingegaard17:19 Tadej Pogačar 

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Wout van Aert stated prior to stage 19 the he"d be relaxing in the peloton with his emphasis turned come the stage 20 time trial. Although that failed to accomplish his objective in the very first TT, he has the possibility to make up for that here. Wout van Aert is our pick to win stage 20 of the tourism de France.