The entire procedure of acquisition the satellite takes a lengthy time. You’ll require to factor in the test center registration process, taking the satellite itself, and getting your scores back.

Test center Registration

Getting v the registration process for the sat doesn’t take a long time necessarily, yet you have to setup ahead.

Be in heat at the test facility at 7:45 to be at the really latest. Doors open at 7:45, however test facility doors close in ~ 8:00 and they will certainly not let friend in after ~ the doors room closed, also if the check hasn’t begun yet. It doesn’t take that long to gain everyone in the room, yet the process before and also afterward deserve to take a lengthy time.

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The university counseling employee at her school can suggest you come at the test center much earlier at 7:45. Take the advice seriously. If you’re trial and error at a complete test center, you want to have as much flexibility to discover your experimentation classroom and get settled.

Don’t forget to lug everything you require (ticket, ID, SAT-approved calculator, snacks, no cabinet phone).

Not every proctor has offered the sat multiple times. With that minimal experience and given the current scandals in proctoring and cheating, all the staff are likely to be very careful and by the book. It could take the SAT employee a half an hour to an hour to gain the test going once the doors are closed.

Don’t forget to eat breakfast; you can not start the test until 9:00 AM.

The sat Sections take Varying amounts of Time

The sat covers four major sections and also an optional essay. The test will always unfold the very same way:

65-minute reading Test 10-minute rest 35-minute Writing and also Language Test25-minute mathematics Test – No Calculator5-minute break55-minute mathematics Test – Calculator2-minute large or exit break50-minute OPTIONAL Essay

To be precise, then, the satellite takes 3 hrs 15 minutes there is no the Essay or 4 hours 7 minutes v the optional Essay, including breaks.

If you’re not providing your own transportation to the SAT, these numbers typical pickup time ~ the sat is around noon if you’re among the student leaving prior to the optional Essay section starts and more like 1 pm if you’re taking the essay.

Keep in mind that your phone will certainly be powered off during the test and also likely gathered by the proctor. If you are seen using your an equipment before the check is over her scores will immediately be canceled.

You won’t have the ability to call because that a ride throughout the test, so plan ahead if that’s something of issue to you.

Breaks in between SAT test Sections space Short


You may have noticed in the test section schedule the the breaks between sections are extremely short: friend only obtain one ten-minute break and one five- minute break during the test. The two-minute break prior to the essay section is negligible: it’s only long enough for students that aren’t taking the essay come leave.

Always save your ticket v you, because you need it to acquire in and also out the the experimentation room.

Plan as soon as you’re walk to usage the restroom and also grab a snack. Satellite takes so long that that irresponsible not to eat a snack somewhere throughout a break, even if that’s simply a grasp of nuts or part pieces the fruit. Feeding your brain so you nothing fizzle the end on the test.

The sat Takes many of the Day v Extra Time Accommodations

Many students receive extra time accommodations ~ above the SAT, and also those accommodations significantly change how lengthy the satellite takes. The university Board needs that her college counselor with your high school applies on your behalf for extra time accommodations in an effort to ensure that all applications for extra time space vouched for by a team of professionals.

You are also unlikely to receive extra time accommodations on the sat if girlfriend don’t currently have lock in school. Documented disabilities because that the SAT incorporate learning disabilities outlined in an educational report, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, handling issues, and also vision issues, among other things.

Once her counselor uses for you, College board authorities grant you not only because that extra time but how much extra time you have. Part students acquire time and also a half, others get twin time. Rarely does who actually obtain approved for untimed time.

So exactly how Long go the satellite Take with Extra Time?

Typically, students who obtain extra time obtain accommodations of time and also a half–an extra fifty percent ~ above the clock. The whole SAT bring away 4 ½ hours when those student don’t take the optional essay and also five hours and forty-five minutes once they do.

Extra time accommodations are noted in the exact same test centers together the consistent SAT, but students with various timing space seated in separate classrooms for this reason they nothing distract various other students and other students nothing distract them when they leave.


Even though the experimentation time because that the satellite takes much longer with extra time, the breaks perform not. Extra time students get the exact same ten, five, and also two-minute breaks; every the extra time is allotted only for student work.

Not only that, yet students are required to continue to be in the classroom, seated, until the time is referred to as for every individual section, which way getting approved for extra time because that the test once you don’t actually need it (which, in spite of rumors come the contrary, is very daunting to do), is not desirable. You’re liable to gain so boring or tired if you end up the test early that friend won’t do your best, anyway.

Tips for Preparing because that the length of the SAT

You deserve to spend hours and hours preparing for every the math and language arts on the satellite you want, however if she not all set to take a test longer than three hours, girlfriend can’t think about yourself fully prepared.

Consider the length of the SAT one more element that the test that can lower your score if you’re not all set to take care of it. Because that students who love your smartphones and also spend most of their complimentary time online, the a real challenge to focus on a single task for most of a morning and some the the afternoon.

If you’re meeting v a tutor, watch if you deserve to work for prolonged meeting times so you can have support training you yourself to remain on task. Collection timers when you examine on your very own to make sure you don’t acquire up and also walk away. Take numerous full, time tests with those limited breaks mentioned above so you understand what you have the right to do in ten minutes–and what girlfriend can’t. Try to fit a snack in and see exactly how it affects you. Tinker with the foodstuffs your brain likes.

If you’d favor to learn more about those on the SAT, check out my write-up that shows you just how to write the sat essay.

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