as soon as are The Oscars®on TV in 2021? will the Oscars®be virtual? when is The Oscars®Red Carpet 2021 or this year"s Oscars®pre-show? These are the questions and this is the ar for answers. Watch The Oscars®LIVE Sunday, April 25, ~ above 8 p.m. ET|5 p.m. PT ideal here! girlfriend can also visitOscar.comfor Oscar 2021 highlights every evening long. Before the big event, be certain to record the Oscars: right into the Spotlight pre-show together Celeste, H.E.R., Leslie Odom Jr., Laura Pausini, Daniel Pemberton, Molly Sandén and also Diane Warren execute Nominated original Songs! in ~ the conclusion of The Oscars, the celebration proceeds live ~ above with Oscars: after ~ Dark" hosted by Colman Domingo and Andrew Rannells! and for those of friend who desire to get an early start to Oscar Sunday, there"s alwaysOscars®Countdown, LIVE!Watch on appfrom your smartphone and tablet (iOSandAndroid), computer onaudioeditorfree.comand connected devices (Roku, AppleTV andAmazon Fire TV).

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Oscars Countdown, LIVE!1:00 p.m. ET|10 a.m. PT

Oscars®: into the Spotlight Pre-Show 6:30 p.m. PT|3:30 PT

The Oscars®8:00 p.m. ET|5:00 p.m. PT

Oscars®: after Dark 11:30 pm. ET|8:00 p.m. PT


WATCH every little thing LIVE OSCAR SUNDAY right HERE!

About Oscars: right into the Spotlight: Kick off Sunday v "Oscars: into the Spotlight" in ~ 6:30e|3:30p because that a pre-show with Co-Hosts Ariana DeBose, Lil Rel Howery, and a unique appearance by DJ Tara. The "Oscars: right into the Spotlight" pre-show additionally features Celeste, H.E.R., Leslie Odom Jr., Laura Pausini, Daniel Pemberton, Molly Sandén and Diane Warren performing Nominated original Songs!

AboutOscars®Countdown, LIVE!: News celebrates the 93rdOscars®with 5 hours of live coverage indigenous Los Angeles. "Oscars®Countdown, LIVE!" airs Sunday, April 25, native 1:00-4:00 p.m. ET, organized by"s kris Connelly and Janai Norman. Alphabet News Live adheres to with 2-hour distinct from 4:30-6:30 p.m. ET. Together Hollywood prepares for an unmatched 93rdOscars®, News presents 2 blockbuster specials starting with its annual 3-hour broadcast "Oscars®Countdown, LIVE!" on Sunday, April 25 in ~ 1:00 p.m. ET. Hosted by News CorrespondentsChris ConnellyandJanai Normanthe broadcast will certainly originate native Los Angeles" historical Union Station and also highlight the transformative year in Hollywood, the outstanding careers that the nominees, a distinct tribute to best Actor nominee Chadwick Boseman and much more.

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Connelly and Norman will certainly be joined by special contributorKelley Carter,Senior entertainment Reporter for ESPN"sThe Undefeatedas well together Hollywood insiders includingElizabeth Wagmeister,Senior Correspondent in ~ Variety,Clayton Davis, movie Awards Editor at selection and organize of selection Awards Circuit podcast and also celebrity stylistJoe Zee.Then, through a countdown clock ticking under to Hollywood"s greatest night, alphabet News" flagship streaming network News Live presents the 2-hour special "Oscars®Countdown, LIVE!" native 4:30-6:30 p.m. ET featuring live celebrity interviews, entertainment and also fashion reports and the historic impact of this year"s Oscars ceremony.

About Oscars: after ~ Dark: at the conclusion of The Oscars, the celebration proceeds live on withOscars: ~ Dark" held by Colman Domingo and also Andrew Rannells!


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