Life alters overnight because that coach man Harrison as soon as his high school basketball team’s state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. Once the largest manufacturing tree in town unexpectedly shuts down and also hundreds the families start moving away, man must pertained to grips through the challenges facing his family and also his team. Urged by the school’s major to fill-in and also coach a sport he doesn’t understand or like, john is frustrated and also questioning his worth… until he crosses courses with a student struggling v her very own journey.

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Filled with a powerful mix of faith, a twisted of humor, and also a ton that heart, the Kendrick Brothers return to theaters through OVERCOMER, their newest attribute following FACING THE GIANTS, FIREPROOF, COURAGEOUS, and also the #1 box-office hit, OVERCOMER. The inspiring family members film stars Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby, Cameron Arnett, and introduces Aryn Wright-Thompson.

Now playing in theaters, OVERCOMER dares to leaving you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and also asks the question: what carry out you permit to define you?





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Bonus functions *The make of OvercomerBloopers10 minutes of extr ScenesCommentary v Director Alex Kendrick and also Producer Stephen KendrickOvercomer in 60 SecondsThe layout of IdentityThe power of ForgivenessOvercomer (Lip Sync Music Video) special Mandisa* one-of-a-kind features listed may no be accessible on every formats.

OVERCOMER (2019)Available top top Digital, Blu-ray™ and also DVD

With showtime purchases and also large-group gatherings, churches, ministries, businesses, and also schools maximized the affect of OVERCOMER as soon as it played in theaters. Now these groups and others deserve to make the many of the movie by hosting OVERCOMER Movie Events.

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Order your official Site license from Provident Films and also AFFIRM films today and also host her OVERCOMER Movie event this weekend!

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