While many human being love maintaining their hair long, lot of of others obtain irritated as quickly as the grows past their shoulders. That takes an enormous amount the time and also dedication to grow incredibly long hair and also care for it ~ above a day-to-day basis. However, the didn’t prevent these civilization from law their finest to grow their locks as lengthy as possible!

So, just how long deserve to the longest hair in the human being grow? now we’ll look at 10 human being with the longest hair in the world and also rank them follow to length to see how they measure up up. We’ll additionally learn some funny facts around why they determined to grow their hair and how they regulate it!

Kazuhiro Watanabe 

Length: 3 ft 8.6 in Location: Japan date Measured: 2012 Status: confirmed by Guinness – Longest Mohawk

  Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Designer Kazuhiro Watanabe specialized 15 years to farming out his enormous mohawk spike, which took 3 cans that hairspray and an entire large bottle that hair gelatin to host up. His exceptional hairdo damaged the previous Guinness world Record by end a foot. His 10-year-old daughter never saw the spike in person–only the photos from the photoshoot when the document was set. However, she quiet announced that she planned come beat that one day!

Kazuhiro decided numerous years ago that he want to knife a place in the Guinness publication of world Records, and also previously taken into consideration trying come beat the document for drinking the most hot sauce before he determined to go v his high hairdo instead.

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Did friend know? 

Without any kind of products to host it increase in a spike, Kazuhiro’s hair hangs down to his knees. has been said to very own “a little bit of everything.”

Keito Kawahara

Length: 5 ft 1 inch Location: Japan day Measured: 2018 Status: verified by Guinness – Longest Hair on a Teenager

 Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

When Keito Kawahara was 17 year old, she heard about a brand-new Guinness civilization Record for the Longest Hair on a Teenager and also realized that hair was even longer! She’d never made any kind of plans to beat the people record, however she did so a mere four months after the previous document was set.

Keito had simply forgone haircuts for her whole life, enlisting her family’s aid to wash and also dry it prior to heading the end for college each day. She likewise had to braid it before bed each night to stop waking the next morning through unmanageable tangles.

Did girlfriend know? 

Keito preserved her record-breaking locks until she rotate 18 and also then cut it because that the an initial time ever. 

Nilanshi Patel

Length: 5 ft 8 in Location: India date Measured: 2018 Status: showed by Guinness – Longest Hair ~ above a Teenager

  Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Nilanshi Patel sports a beautiful head the hair the reaches practically six feet in length, making she the present record-holder through the title of Longest Hair on a Teenager. Nilanshi got a poor haircut 10 years back that drove she to tearfully decide that she would certainly forgo haircut entirely. She been growing her tresses ever since!

Many people have questioned whether her lengthy hair it s okay in the means of her day-to-day life, but Nilanshi states that it doesn’t get in her method at all. She has it in either a braid or a tall bun, to like the latter for sports and other energetic tasks.

Did you know? 

Nilanshi states that her long hair is a lucky charm.

Asha Mandela

Length: 19 ft 6 in Location: Georgia, USA date Measured: 2008 Status: proved by Guinness – world Longest Dreadlocks

 Source: flickr.com

Asha Mandela has actually consistently held the people record for having the longest dreadlocks since 2008, proud embracing the nickname that “Black Rapunzel”. Her accomplishment is particularly impressive as soon as you consider how lot hair length is compressed to produce dreadlocks: An unofficially measurement of among her hair strands involved a jaw-dropping 55 feet and 7 inches!

Unfortunately, Asha has been cautioned versus keeping her dreads so long, with physicians expressing involves that the weight of lock may have caused unhealthy curvature in her spine. In spite of this, Asha claims she i will not ~ dream of cut them.

Asha began growing she dreads together a spiritual expression rather than a fashion statement. They on regular basis take six bottles the shampoo to wash, and take two days come dry!

Did you know? 

Asha carries her dreads in a handbag once she wants to keep them out of the way.

Jiang Aixiu

Length: 11 ft 9 inches Location: China date Measured: 2011 Status: not confirmed by Guinness

  Source: news.asiantown.net

Jiang Aixiu go in because that a haircut one day in 1990, only to have actually her barber recommend that she keep it long due to the fact that the quality was so nice. She take it the advice to heart and also did not reduced her hair because that over 21 years! 

Jiang’s hair grows at an unusually fast price of 7.8 inch every year, and also it take away her around two hours to wash it all. She does no use any kind of special hair assets or eat a one-of-a-kind diet to obtain her hair to grow so quickly. However, she was advised by medical professionals to reduced it before too long, alongside cases that she hair would certainly absorb too much nutrition and adversely affect her health.

Did girlfriend know? 

Jiang’s hair is too long to wash at once, and also she should clean that one section at a time.

Ram sink Chauhan 

Length: 14 ft Location: India and Italy date Measured: 2010 Status: showed by Guinness – Longest Moustache Ever

  Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Long hair documents aren’t just for the ladies! Ran sink Chauhan sports a stunning moustache the he’s cursed to growing for end 32 years. He began growing his moustache out of devotion and also respect for Indian Rajasthani culture, and also had no intentions of setting a human being record.

Ran’s fantastic moustache has earned him several renowned positions, including a part in the James Bond film “Octopussy” and also a 30-year place as the brand ambassador because that Rajasthan Tourism.

Did girlfriend know? 

Ran’s moustache was very first measured in Rome, Italy ~ above the set of the TV display “Lo show dei Record”.

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Xie Qiuping

Length: 18 ft 5.54 in Location: Mainland China date Measured: 2004 Status: showed by Guinness – Longest Head the Hair (Female)

  Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

Xie Qiuping has actually the longest hair in the world. She has actually held the Guinness world Record because 2004 as soon as her hair to be officially measured, and also she’s been farming it because 1973 when she was 13 year old. 

Xie’s extremely long hair and grooming routine have actually become second nature come her. She says: “It’s no problem at all. I’m used to it. But you need patience and also you need to organize yourself straight as soon as you have actually hair choose this.”

When Xie does wake up straight, also on peak of a tall action stool, she hair still trails over the floor! similar to most the the record-holders on this list, washing her hair is one involved process that usually requires some assistance.

Did girlfriend know? 

Xie’s hair is almost as lengthy as one adult giraffe is tall!

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