H O l L Y W O O D

An worldwide recognizable symbol. Everyone"s watched it in photos or when driving in LA, but for those of united state who have actually done the hike approximately the optimal of the sign know that it"s an entirely brand-new experience. A should do hike if you"re in LA; keep analysis to learn just how you can get up close and an individual with the famous sign in the Hollywood Hills.

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Hollywood authorize Trail Directions and Parking

The Hollywood sign sits atop the Hollywood Hills, on mountain Lee,in Griffith Park the the Santa Monica Mountains. Complicated, i know!


View that the sign from the front. Note the red signs, any type of closer and also I"d be charged because that trespassing!

There"s multiple means to get to the sign, there"s multiple trails and also multiple trailheads. Here"s a couple of them.

2 ideal Hollywood sign Hike beginning Points:

Trailhead 1

Canyon journey Trail to Hollywood authorize (Easy - Moderately challenging depending on experience)

Since the sunset ranch means has closed, the Canyon journey Trail come the Hollywood authorize has come to be the go-to trailhead for world looking to do the Hollywood authorize Hike. For this reason, parking can be most challenging here and also the trail is the most crowded. The Canyon journey trailhead has sidewalks, garbage cans, a parking lot, and also facilities for visitors.This hike indigenous Canyon journey to the Hollywood sign is about 4 miles round-trip and also takes about 2-3 hrs to complete, or 2 miles and 1-1.5 hrs one-way.

Click here to watch the Canyon journey Trailhead and Parking lot on Google Maps

Click below to check out Canyon journey Trail to Hollywood sign Walking directions on Google Maps

Trailhead 2

Griffith Observatory Trail come Hollywood authorize (Difficult)

Griffith Observatory is an great starting suggest for this hike. Parking is cost-free at Griffith Observatory. The hike from Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood sign is around 6 mile round-trip. It"s not the most basic trail however it"s perfect because that those looking for much more of a challenge. The trail from Griffith Observatory to the sign is called the Mt. Hollywood Trail.

Griffith Observatory Trail to Hollywood sign Walking Directions:

From the parking lot, monitor W. Observatory Rd.

Turn left on west Canyon Rd.

Turn ideal on Mt. Hollywood Dr.

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From Mt. Hollywood Dr., rotate left top top the tiny and small nameless dirt path that connects you come Mt. Lee Dr.

Follow Mt. Lee Dr. To the Hollywood Sign

Click below to see the Griffith Observatory to the Hollywood authorize Hike Walking direction on Google Maps