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Here’s what the blame ceiling and also government shutdown average for you.

Here’s what you have to know.

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Debt Ceiling and also Government Shutdown

It’s possible that the federal federal government may close up door down — at the very least temporarily. Democrats in congress are concentrated on twin priorities: prevent a federal government shutdown and raise the blame ceiling to satisfy debt obligations. Here’s a break down of what this way and what might happen next:

What is a government shutdown? What is a debt ceiling? what’s the difference?

Government shutdown

To stop a shutdown of the federal government, Congress need to pass a legislation to money the federal federal government by October 1, i beg your pardon is the start of the following fiscal year. If congress doesn’t money the government past October 1, there could be a temporary shutdown that the federal government. This method that Congress must pass law by this Thursday in ~ midnight to prevent a shutdown the the federal government.

Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling is the limit on just how much the federal federal government can borrow. Come borrow more money, Congress need to raise the blame ceiling. Increasing the blame ceiling would add to the full national debt but does not authorize new federal spending. If Congress no raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. Treasury Department deserve to use “extraordinary measures” to store the federal federal government operating in the interim for number of weeks. However, past October 18, 2021, according to U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the federal government could default on its blame obligations.

“It is imperative the Congress rapidly addresses the debt limit,” Yellen said yesterday in testimony prior to the U.S. Senate banking Committee. “If it does not, America would certainly default for the first time in history. The full faith and credit that the United says would it is in impaired, and our country would likely face a financial crisis and economic recession.”

What wake up if the blame ceiling isn’t raised?

If the blame ceiling no raised, the commonwealth government could default on its blame obligations. This can have several an unfavorable implications, including the opportunity of a jae won crisis, a stock market crash, and a potential decrease in the country’s reputation to pay turn off debt.

While the blame ceiling and government shutdown are separate issues, if the federal government doesn’t have money to operate, at least some components of the federal government would closeup of the door temporarily. This could mean that commonwealth employees may not get paychecks, retirees may not obtain Social security checks, and the federal federal government can’t invest money in the typical course.

Has the commonwealth government ever shut down?

Yes, the federal federal government has shut temporarily, yet the federal government hasn’t defaulted ~ above its debt. Because that example, during the Clinton administration, the federal federal government shut temporarily indigenous November 14, 1995 - November 19,1995 and from December 16,1995 to January 6,1996. During the Obama administration, the federal federal government shut down countless operations from October 1, 2013 come October 17, 2013. During the trumped administration, the federal federal government shut under from December 28, 2018 come January 25, 2019, which to be the longest in U.S. History.

What execute Democrats and also Republicans believe about the debt ceiling and also the government shutdown?

Democrats in Congress want to money the federal government and raise the blame ceiling. Republicans in Congress desire to money the federal government, however don’t desire to progressive the blame ceiling. Senate minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) doesn’t want to advanced the blame ceiling come support raised federal spending. V the mid-term congressional elections around a year away, Republicans may seek come blame any type of potential federal government shutdown top top Democrats.

Can democrats raise the blame ceiling and also avoid a government shutdown without Republicans?

Democrats regulate both the U.S. Home Representatives and also the U.S. Senate. However, come pass legislation on these significant issues, Democrats require 60 votes (rather 보다 a basic 51-vote majority). In the Senate, this would require all Democrats, plus 10 Republicans. The existing composition in the Senate is 50 Democrats and also 50 Republicans, with Vice chairman Kamala Harris able to rest the tie because that a poll that results in a 50-50 split. Either party likewise can usage the filibuster come block law that doesn’t have 60 votes. Democrats deserve to bypass the filibuster through spending plan reconciliation, which just requires a just majority. However, Democrats have actually not yet included the blame ceiling rise in their budget deal, i beg your pardon Democrats could pass through reconciliation.

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What happens following with the government shutdown and also the blame ceiling?

What are following steps? over there are number of possibilities regarding the government shutdown and also debt ceiling. First, Congress could act before Thursday at midnight to happen an appropriation bill that would fund the commonwealth government beyond October 1, 2021. This might be a short-term capital measure. Second, Democrats can then include raising the blame ceiling in a spending plan reconciliation bill.

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