The gold Gate bridge is #1 on every visitor"s list. Learn just how to obtain there, information around the most photogenic times to visit, the surrounding neighborhoods and also fun facts.

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Once dubbed "the leg that couldn"t it is in built," this particular day it is one the seven wonders of the contemporary world. This magnificent span, probably San Francisco"s most famous landmark, opened in 1937 after ~ a four-year struggle versus relentless winds, fog, rock and also treacherous tides.

Crossing the strait the the gold Gate from mountain Francisco"s Presidio to the Marin headlands because that 1.7 miles is the world-renowned golden Gate Bridge, easily determined by its international Orange color. Opened in 1937, the bridge was built at a cost of $35 million in principal and also $39 million in interest and 11 workers’ lives. The single-suspension expectations is anchored by pair towers the reach skyward 746 feet, and was when taller than any building in mountain Francisco. To assistance the exposed roadway, 2 cables, each much more than 7,000 feet in length and both include 80,000 mile of wire stretch over the optimal of the towers and are rooted in concrete anchorages top top shore. Much more than 10 years in planning because of formidable opposition, however only four years in really construction, the gold Gate Bridge brought the areas of mountain Francisco and also Marin counties closer together.

General visitor Info

Pedestrians including wheelchair users and bicyclists have the right to go on the sidewalks that the bridge throughout daylight hours but roller blades, skateboards and also roller skates space not permitted. There space vista point out on both north and also south political parties of the bridge with parking lots. For info on sidewalk closures because of construction, visit

If you can not visit the bridge in person, perform the virtual bridge walk and nothing forget to inspect out the view from the height of the south tower. Due to the fact that of heavy congestion on the bridge, vista points might occasionally it is in closed to vehicles.

How to gain There

From downtown, take #38 Geary Boulevard come Park Presidio and also transfer to #28 northbound to acquire to the gold Gate Bridge. If you’re taking golden Gate Transit from mountain Francisco, the #10, #70 or #80 lines will take you to the bridge.

For additional information, routes and schedules, you re welcome visit the San Francisco Municipal transport Agency and gold Gate Transit sites.

The cost-free PresidiGo Shuttle"s downtown path will additionally take you come the golden Gate leg Welcome Center. The shuttle device is a an excellent option to use to discover the Presidio, with cost-free and available service seven days a week, and with 40 stops within the national park.

If interested in biking throughout the bridge, the Presidio uses bike rentals and electric bike re-superstructure opportunities, to add a encourage bike path through Crissy Field. For an ext information, visit the Presidio online.Golden gate Bridge Attractions

Where to Stay

If you room planning to stay in san Francisco, there room plenty of hotels nearby or through views of the golden Gate Bridge.

Find a Hotel near the golden Gate Bridge

Surrounding Neighborhoods Presidio/Richmond Sunset

Get more information top top the neighborhoods here.

Instagram Moments

One the the many photographed landmarks in the world, the golden Gate bridge is an Instagram struggle whenever it’s post (#goldengatebridge, #thatsfbridge).Here space a few favorite angles and best time that day:

MorningUnder the bridge angle from ft Point site additionally affords unexplained afternoon see of the city skyline native Fort point Pier instantly east the the seawall.

AfternoonFrom Baker Beach, obtain an outside-the-gate view of the bridge and the Marin headlands.

Late Afternoon/EveningGolden gate Bridge through the city skyline in the background native Marin headlands north of bridge; take it Alexander avenue turnoff and also follow gold Gate nationwide Recreation Area signs leading under Hwy. 101 south toward san Francisco; take first turn up to headlands.

For minimalists, allude your smartphone upwards to obtain soaring close-ups of the towers and cables. Neighborhood photographer Louis Raphael who photographs the bridge virtually daily native his Lands end neighborhood likewise offers these favorites:

Beginning or an extremely end of Lands end trail in ~ sunrise has two really scenic vista points. Note: Visitors must adhere to all signage in the park and even in approved hiking areas, the public have to keep a safe street from every cliff edgesMile absent beach at sunset or sunrise has a distinctive perspective that the gold Gate Bridge.

How long is the golden Gate Bridge?

The golden Gate bridge is 8,981 feet long.

How high is the golden Gate Bridge?

The golden Gate leg is 746 feet tall.

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Did friend Know?

The golden Gate Bridge has lost 7,500 tons (in weight) because it opened in 1937.It is estimated that 5,000 - 10,000 gallons of repaint are provided to repaint the gold Gate leg each year.Three babies have actually been born top top the gold Gate Bridge. Every one of them have been boys.The name came from the truth that the golden Gate Strait (named by man Fremont) is the entrance into San Francisco only from the Pacific Ocean.International Orange to be selected as the color of the bridge due to the fact that it noted visibility in the fog because that passing ships and also because it to be a shade that fit in normally with the bridge’s setup and the bordering land area.The bridge has only been closed 3 times due to weather due to the fact that it to be built; all 3 times as result of high winds gusting close come or end 70 miles every hour.The bridge has likewise been closed for visits native dignitaries chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt and also President Charles de Gaulle the France and also on that 50th and 75th Anniversaries.

Movies that consisted of the gold Gate Bridge:

Ant-Man (2015) big Hero 6 (2014) Rise of the earth of the Apes (2011) Monsters Vs. Aliens (2009) Milk (2008) X-Men: The last Stand (2006) The quest of Happyness (2006) Hulk (2003) The Core (2003) The Rock (1996) Interview with a Vampire (1994) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)  The Abyss (1989) Big problem in tiny China (1986) Star Trek IV: The voyage Home (1986) A watch to a Kill (1985) Basic Instinct (1982) Superman (1978) Dirty Harry (1971) The Birds (1963) Vertigo (1958) The Maltese Falcon (1941)

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