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Book at the very least 3 weeks prior to departure in stimulate to gain a below-average price.High season is thought about to it is in May, June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Afghanistan is February.Enter your wanted departure airport and travel days into the search form above come unlock the recent Afghanistan flight deals.’s trip Price forecast tool uses historic data to recognize whether the price for a offered destination and date is most likely to readjust within 7 days, so travelers recognize whether to wait or book now.

Pros: "I had to pay 2 tickets for same flight from Islamabad to san Francisco and also going from san Francisco come Islamabad it’s to be cancel and also I am fighting for my money earlier they don’t desire to refund it"
Pros: "I had to pay 2 tickets for same flight from Islamabad to mountain Francisco and going from san Francisco to Islamabad it’s to be cancel and I to be fighting because that my money earlier they don’t desire to refund it"
Cons: "They can not really do anything around this, yet babies screaming all around me made the flight pretty terrible. Infants shouldn’t it is in flying. Mine god"
Cons: "More meals during the flight would have actually helped. Additionally the snacks had restricted variety(most of castle chocolate) and not enough fruit available."
Cons: "The Kabul route often has much less experienced travelers. So passenger couldn't number out their seat belts, couldn't lock the toilets, stood increase while the aircraft was tho on the runway, pushed and shoved to try to acquire off the airplane first, etc."
Cons: "It took them 1.5hours to give me my luggage. Anyone else had left. They retained making me go ago and forth saying it was coming but nothing. This had actually never occurred before and was ridiculous given it was a direct flight"
Cons: "I was especially asked because that the vegetarian food n pointed out that i am extremely allergic come the despite the of that no vegetarian food was served till ns asked the staff about my food...i was told the there is no vegetarian food for me....n at last ns was served with very basic food .....not at all good...i could not eat the n stayed hungry n can not even sleep as result of headache n mountain This FOOD experience was extremely Disappointing"
Pros: "I find the A380 in the Emirates construction to be much more comfortable than various other planes/configs."

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Cons: "After 4+ hrs sitting top top the airplane we never even left mountain Francisco. The Emirates aircraft was less than typical in economy class and also we weren’t even available water because that the entire time us waited. The customer business was terrible and also we weren’t even able come retrieve our carry on bags that us were compelled to inspect (not due to the size). This to be by much the worst very first time endure I’ve had and will no be flying Emirates again."