At the end of May, Singapore airlines announced it would certainly resume flying the world longest airline route, native Newark come Singapore in October. Now, it appears as if the airline has actually also set a date to relaunch a 2nd long-haul route it as soon as operated as soon as it starts flying non-stop between Los Angeles and also Singapore in November.

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Singapore Airlines flight SQ38 will depart Singapore Changi in ~ 8:45pm and also arrive in Los Angeles the same day at 8:55pm. The return, Singapore flight SQ37, will depart Los Angeles LAX in ~ 10:25pm and also arrive in Singapore 2 days later at 8:15am. The flight will operate simply three times in every direction the an initial week, then relocate to a daily schedule start November 9.

Singapore Airlines will certainly relaunch non-stop flights indigenous Los Angeles come Singapore in November.

Singapore airlines

It watch like, native December 7, the airline will certainly then add a 2nd flight three times a main on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Flight SQ36 will certainly depart Singapore at 8:20am, showing up in Los Angeles in ~ 7:30am the exact same day. Flight SQ35 will depart Los Angeles at 9:15am and also arrive in Singapore in ~ 7:05pm the following day.

The scheduled flight time is 15 hours, 10 minute in the direction indigenous Singapore come Los Angeles, and 17 hours, 50 minutes on the return, extending a distance of 8,770 miles.

The news comes just weeks after united announced it would certainly be finishing its very own non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Singapore October 27, 2018, and also switching come two everyday flights between San Francisco and Singapore instead. This pipeline the Los Angeles-Singapore route broad open because that Singapore airlines to dominate.

Singapore Airlines at this time operates flights between Los Angeles LAX and Singapore Changi airports the transit via Tokyo Narita and also Seoul Incheon. However, it has not operated a non-stop in between the cities due to the fact that 2013. The non-stop shows up to be instead of the Los Angeles-Seoul-Singapore service, i beg your pardon the airline will axe in ~ the end of November.

The airline will use its new Airbus A350-900ULR jet on the route, of i m sorry the airline has actually seven on order. It likewise has 21 shorter-range A350-900s.

The A350-900ULR that the airline will certainly fly on this course is the exact same configuration as it will be utilizing on the Newark-Singapore route and on a thrice-weekly frequency top top its present service in between Singapore and also San Francisco beginning November 28.

The jet will have just 161 seat total: 67 in organization class and also 94 in premium economy. There will certainly be no economic climate cabin, i beg your pardon is most likely a great thing considering the trip times. This is likely to it is in a business-heavy course as well, through fliers showing up in Singapore an initial thing in the morning and also departing in ~ the finish of the day.

Tickets because that the brand-new flights are currently on sale and start in ~ $1,420 round-trip in premium economy, or $4,720 in business. Girlfriend can additionally book awards because that 65,000 Singapore KrisFlyer miles each means in premium economy, or 88,000 mile in company class. The KrisFlyer routine is a transfer companion of American Express membership Rewards, follow Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Rewards and also Starwood desired Guest, for this reason you have the right to use points native those program to boost your KrisFlyer account balance and also book awards on the airline.

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