If you’re travel to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee girlfriend probably have plans to see the Dolly Parton"s Stampede. The interaction dinner attraction is a mainstay that the Pigeon Forge show scene. It attributes a full-scale arena spectacular through a talented actors of performers, costumed servers, singing and also dancing, trick riding through an impressive stable of 32 horses.

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Dolly Parton"s Stampede Tips

Tip #1: Arrive early for the pre-show. The starts 50 minutes prior to showtime.

Tip #2: The best seats because that the pre-show are discovered upstairs. Seating is limited, yet the ideal vantage allude for viewing the performers is located here. Plus, you have actually easy accessibility to the main arena upstairs.

Tip #3: Snacks and drinks have the right to be bought during the pre-show but be sure to save room because that the key meal served throughout the show. That is plenty – believe me!

Tip #4: You have the right to use her camera prior to the show for photos with southern belles or ~ above the horsewalk. However, acquisition photos during the present is strict forbidden. Together a result, be certain to put your cameras and also phones away at showtime.

Tip #5: acquisition Stampede tickets in development to obtain the best possible seats. Countless times, friend

can also get a far better deal by booking online.

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Tip #6: carry cash. Gratuity isn’t consisted of in the ticket price, and Dolly Parton"s Stampede servers work difficult to take treatment of you. Plus, you might want to buy the souvenir picture which is typically cash only.

Tip #7: Be ready to eat through your hands together Stampede walk not administer utensils. However, don"t worry - wet wipes room provided!

Tip #8: Don’t setup on having actually an alcoholic drink. Dolly Parton"s Stampede Pigeon build location

does no serve alcohol of any kind of kind, so plan on having actually a strictly Pepsi night.

Tip #9: The best souvenir to buy in the gift shop is the creamy vegetable soup mix. For $7.99, you can make this delicious soup in your an extremely own home. And also trust me, it’s worth every penny.

Tip #10: leave the an intricate duds in ~ home. Stampede is an interaction show. You will do it be cheering and stomping on her side, and may also participate is an arena competition. Wear something casual for this reason you’re comfortable during the festivities.

Tip #11: to buy a Stampede flag if you brought kids. It’s only $2 and kids get a kick the end of waving

them in the air together they cheer on your side.

Tip #12: If you’re not in a sirloin to leave, remain after the present to satisfy the riders and horse and get your Stampede flag autographed. You’ll likewise avoid the parking many chaos.

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Tip #13: Strollers are not allowed in the main Arena, so plan accordingly.

Tip #14: ticket aren’t compelled for youngsters 3 and also under, but they will have to sit on her lap. I extremely recommend to buy a ticket because that them come make your experience more enjoyable.

Tip #15: Can"t end up the whole meal? The servers provide doggie bags at the finish of the display so you can take her leftovers with you. This is especially helpful once dining with kids, as the portions are entirely too big for them come finish.

Stampede Your method to family members Fun

Put this Dolly Parton"s Stampede tips to the test on your following Pigeon forge vacation. Carry out you have any tips to share? let me recognize in the comments!

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