They"re every at 9 p.m. ET. They"ll every last approximately 90 minutes and run there is no commercials ~ above networks and also cable news outlets.

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The an initial presidential debate in between President Donald Trump and also Democratic nominee Joe Biden to be Tuesday, September 29, at situation Western reserve University and also Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Read about what happened.
Vice presidential conflict -- Wednesday, October 7, in ~ the college of Utah in Salt Lake City, UtahSecond presidential dispute (a city hall) -- Thursday, October 15, at the Adrienne Arsht center for the Performing arts in MiamiThird presidential controversy is Thursday, October 22, at Belmont college in Nashville, Tennessee
It"s not exactly clear when Trump first contracted Covid and also it is possible he to be positive as soon as he disputed Biden in Ohio. However it"s plainly infected the White House due to the fact that numerous staffers and also journalists have contracted the disease, consisting of Stephen Miller, the trumped aide who is married to a optimal Pence staffer, who previously tested positive.
So one significant difference you"ll see for the evil presidential debate in Utah is acrylic glass shields on-stage near autonomous vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and Vice president Mike Pence. The shields complement the 12-foot separation the candidates will maintain on-stage.
Chris Wallace, the first debate"s moderator, came under criticism for not being may be to manage Trump"s repeated interruptions of Biden and breaking of dispute rules.

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Susan Page, USA Today"s Washington office chief, can not conference the very same problems due to the fact that Trump won"t be on the stage.
She"s the an initial print reporter selected through the the supervisory board on Presidential arguments to middle a session. And she"s interviewed six sitting presidents. However, she has confronted some scrutiny because that hosting a "Girls Night Out" party because that Medicare administrator Seema Verma, a Pence ally, at her home.