It was a long, lengthy Bachelor season with Matt James, complete with a ton of disappointing and revelatory off-screen drama. Yet in recent news that"s being dubbed "the huge reset" the the franchise: There will certainly be two Bachelorettes in 2021! one of them will be Ms. "I brought a vibrator to mine meet-cute through Matt" herself, Katie Thurston, who became a pan favorite because that being sex-positive and also vocally supportive of the other contestants. The other Bachelorette in 2021 will be Michelle Young, that made it to the final two prior to James got rid of her, and also who behaved v utter class at After the final Rose.

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Early spoiler from truth Steve revealed that Thurston had actually been selected for the command role, then both Thurston and ABC refuse this was the case, and then we lastly got the big reveal of two leads throughout James" Bachelor finale. If having two seasons and also two Bachelorettes sounds a little confusing to you, I obtain it: This is the very first time in franchise history that the producers space doing points this way, and also there"ll be part adjustments as we go along. I"m...actually excited for these seasons?? Here"s what we recognize so far around Thurston"s, which apparently wrapped a week ahead of schedule and also "went great," according to Us Weekly.

When will certainly The Bachelorette with Thurston premiere?

ABC has confirmed that Katie Thurston"s season of The Bachelorette will premiere June 7, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET top top ABC.

Is there a trailer?

You bet. Here"s the first-look trailer, special a blowup doll, lot of of crying, and...a man dressed up as a cat:

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And here"s an additional sneak peek, complete with proof the Blake Moynes, one of the many memorable suitors native Clare and also Tayshia"s season that The Bachelorette, mirrors up to date Thurston:

Who will host Katie Thurston"s Bachelorette season?

Former Bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe and also Tayshia Adams will certainly be acquisition over as co-hosts this season as chris Harrison continues his hiatus native the present (you deserve to see castle in the promo above). Bristowe is coming turn off her win on Dancing with the Stars, and Tayshia Adams" season sheathe up critical year.

When asked around viewers who claimed they wouldn"t clock the display without Harrison, Thurston replied, "I think they"re ~ above the wrong next of history. It"s 2021...I assistance Chris and also everything the he"s doing, and I think the this is the ideal decision...I yes, really feel choose this is the huge reset. There have been a ton of uncomfortable conversations, yet important conversations."

Harrison is likewise being changed as host for Bachelor in paradise (more on that below), and also we don"t have confirmation on that will serve as hold of Young"s Bachelorette season.

Hang on, what"s happening v Bachelor in Paradise?

Don"t worry, her favorite hot mess the a display will be ago on our screens on Monday, august 16, 2021 after a two-year lack (it"s my favourite of the bunch, therefore I"m delighted).

Thanks come the absence of Paradise in 2020, there are about 150 (!) contestants to select from. “How perform you make that in come 15 come 18 cast members? It’s going to be really tough,” alphabet executive plunder Mills said. but they"re "hell-bent" on pass the show to our screens, bless "em, and cast members are most likely to encompass Ben Smith, Joe Park, and Bennett Jordan indigenous Adams/Crawley"s season. Chris Harrison will certainly not host, however, and also will be replaced by "guest comedians," i beg your pardon sounds...interesting. You have the right to learn much more about the following season of BiP here.

And what execute we know about Michelle Young’s Bachelorette season?

Young"s Bachelorette season will certainly air in fall of 2021, definition she"ll likely starting filming in July, about the time Bachelor in paradise wraps. For this reason if you"re maintaining track, the 2021 franchise order will be:

Kate Thurston together Bachelorette, starting June 7Bachelor in Paradise, staring respectable 16Michelle Young together Bachelorette, premiere date TBD


Where will Thurston"s Bachelorette season film?

Thanks to spoiler from fact Steve, we know that filming took ar in the Hyatt Regency Tamaya, which is outside Albuquerque, new Mexico. Because of ongoing COVID quarantine procedures, that was almost certainly a closed set, there is no travel, through the guests most likely flown in and quarantined.

As for dates, the 550-acre resort has plenty that options. The will has five restaurants, 3 pools, a full-service spa, one 18-hole golf course and tennis courts. Suppose to check out plenty the adventure dates, wherein the contestants might be horseback riding, cycling, paris fishing, hiking, hot air ballooning or law equestrian yoga.

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Who are Bachelorette contestants?

ABC announced the 34 contestants because that Thurston"s season on their facebook page, and also you can get to understand them all here. The men selection from eras 26 come 36, an larger than mean age range for the show. One standout with Bachelor nation ties is Andrew Spencer, a 26-year-old native Waukegan, IL, who"s Bachelorette and Paradise alum Clay Spencer"s cousin. Michael Allio, a 36-year-old from Akron, Ohio, started a nonprofit in respect of his wife who passed away from chest cancer. Another standout is Bao Wu, a 36-year-old real estate certified dealer from san Diego, CA. And also Moynes, the course. We likewise have a potential villain: thomas Jacobs, who"s "an beforehand favorite that conveniently wears out his welcome with several of the others," per reality Steve.

Warning: Spoilers. We also have a small intel about some the the contestants, and Katie"s final picks. Per truth Steve: "As you know by now, Blake Moynes reflects up rather early on in the season, he of Clare/Tayshia’s season. <Spoilers ahead.> Blake renders the final 4 in addition to Greg Grippo (the very first impression increased recipient), and also John Hersey. Those 3 ns know. I’m not sure who the fourth guy is in the final 4 yet. I’ve heard names however nothing I’m i was sure about. Those 3 I am.” One thing we execute know: Thurston reportedly leaves the season engaged, per Us Weekly.

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