ISLAND time is over as the Bachelor in sky finale comes to television tonight.

Couples will certainly either get engaged or go house with no ring after an amazing season complete of ups and downs.

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The Bachelor in heaven season finale premieres this evening on alphabet at 8pm ETCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

How lengthy is the Bachelor in heaven finale tonight?

Tonight the season finale the Bachelor in sky premieres on ABC.

The show will premiere at 8pm ET top top ABC, and is walk to it is in three hours long.

The season finale ends at 11pm ET, and will be obtainable for streaming ~ above Hulu the complying with day.

Episodes space also available for streaming via VPN or FuboTV, Hulu v Live TV, YouTube TV and AT&T TV.






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Who was on Bachelor in paradise this season?

Bachelor in heaven is a present where previous contestants from the Bachelor and also Bachelorette get one more shot at love.

Throughout the season, producers bring in new contestants and also attempt to stir the pot ~ couples have been established.

This season, the contestants starting off included:

Mari PepinJessenia CruzDeandra KanuNatasha ParkerMaurissa GunnJames BonsallTre CooperThomas Jacobs

Contestants are removed if they execute not obtain a climbed at the finish of every week. The show continues on for seven weeks, v the possibility to come to be engaged in ~ the end.

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Viewers will uncover out that the last couples are tonight on the Bachelor in heaven season finaleCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Who room the final couples?

Reality Steve, who regularly leaks Bachelor rumors and updates, cases there will certainly be 3 couples that get involved this season.

If these reports space accurate, the couples would be Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt, Kenny Braasch and also Mari Pepin, and also Riley Christian and also Maurissa Gunn.

According to reality Steve, all of the couples who left the resort involved are still together.

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