The unified States’ southerly border through Mexico is 1,933 mile long, extending from the Pacific ocean to the pointer of southern Texas.

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Some 700 of those miles have actually fencing in place.

That’s not sufficient for president Donald Trump, who promised throughout his project to develop a border wall.

Photographer john Moore has driven “every inch” of the border while spanning the immigration issue for over a decade. He’s spent time top top both sides, tagging in addition to Border Patrol agents and migrants.

Through his photos, you deserve to see just how the fencing varies greatly on various parts of the border.


A united state Border Patrol automobile monitors an opening in the border fence near McAllen, Texas, in January 2017.

But united state Border Patrol agents have all sorts of high-tech surveillance equipment to aid them, native motion-sensor cameras to drones to tethered aerostat balloons the fly high end the border and provide a 360-degree view of the border 24/7.

“There"s no doubt that fencing is a deterrent, however it"s just component of a larger, much more holistic method that Homeland security takes toward border security,” Moore said.

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Here’s what the border looks choose in different cities follow me its path, native west to east:


San Diego, California


The border fence separating mountain Diego native Tijuana, Mexico, extends right into the Pacific ocean in might 2017. Moore said the area is heavily surveilled indigenous the American side, v tower-mounted cameras and also frequent helicopter patrols. “Occasionally who tries to swim about the fence, however often they have actually to obtain rescued or lock are easily taken right into custody by Border Patrol agents,” he said. “It’s one of the many secure clues of the entire US-Mexico border.”


The fence separating san Diego, left, from Tijuana stop at the side of a huge hill in might 2017. “Customs and also Border Protection regularly does not have agents all follow me the border,” Moore said. “However, they recognize the terrain attributes of details regions. For this reason although numerous undocumented immigrants have the right to actually cross end the border, the terrain often funnels world through particular areas. And also that"s whereby the Border Patrol generally sets up its checkpoints.”


Tijuana, Mexico


A US shore Guard patrol is seen from Tijuana as it paris over border fencing in November 2018.