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Halftime is a near-universal principle in plenty of team sports. It’s a time come eat orange slices, ice cream wounds, speak strategy, and also watch a musical performance. Well, the last one is specific to NFL games. Nobody go halftime prefer the NFL.

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North America’s premier American football organization plays 15-minute quarters broken up into a an initial half and second by a 12-minute halftime intermission. There room 2-minute division after the very first and 3rd quarters, and also both teams have actually timeouts at their disposals. That and other stoppages permit regular season stars favor Tom Brady come take tiny breaks throughout the game, yet halftime is the huge one.

How lengthy are NFL halftimes, and also how long are the Super bowl performances?

How lengthy is NFL Halftime?

QOTD: The correct answer indigenous yesterday was B. 12 Minutes. Because that regular-season games, NFL halftime is 12 minutes. That's actually under from the 15-minute intermission the league used prior to 1990. And also during the at sight Bowl, you can expect a 30-minute break because that the halftime show. Pic.twitter.com/Fs9t5QAuZ9

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Regular season game halftimes space 12 minutes long. NFL quarters space 15 minute apiece, for this reason halftime allows players slightly much less than a quarter’s length of rest. Both teams head come their particular locker rooms and are attended come by team personnel if the coaches speak strategy and also pump up their players.

Though the best halftime present of the year is the supervisor Bowl, many teams from university football to the pros placed on some type of halftime entertainment for the fans. The can variety from local marching bands come fan-fueled competitions. Whatever they do, the second fifty percent or 3rd quarter starts soon after.

Halftime is a break because that the fans, too. Fans from new England come the Cowboys that attend live games take the chance to buy more food or use the bathroom, while Patriots fans at home are happy come stretch your legs or enjoy some commercials. Commercials are where many of the money because that airing a football game comes from, anyway.


When halftime is over, the third quarter starts with a kickoff just like the start of the game.

How lengthy is Halftime during NFL Playoff Games?

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Halftime is 12 minutes throughout playoff games, together well. Well, all playoff games except for one, the is.

How long is Super key Halftime?

Los Angeles is hosting the Super key for the an initial time in 30 years.

So in true Hollywood fashion, the gearing up to be a star-studded event. Pic.twitter.com/WTaMEbAZFG

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Super key halftimes are usually at least dual the length of regular-season halftimes, clocking in in ~ an average that 20-30 minutes. Component of the moment is setting up and also taking down the stage and getting pan to and from the field. While crews assemble the stage, high-budget commercials store fans shelling the end the cash.

The Weeknd’s Super key LV halftime performance apparently took slightly end 13 minutes. Amazingly, the whole halftime only took about 30 minutes, meaning they collection up and took down everything in under 20 minutes. The Super key may have actually been between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa just Buccaneers, however NFL halftime show crew members are the actual MVPs.


Before 1990, Super bowl halftime performances to be milder, normally featuring a regional marching band. Though marching bands space still backups in numerous shows, the last marching band to headline a Super key Halftime display were the an unified University that Florida and also Florida State university marching bands at Super bowl XVIII in 1984.

The NFL, search to broaden popularity, began inviting major pop artist to do in 1991. Because then, they have turned the NFL halftime show into a yearly phenomenon. That’s just one that a few changes to NFL halftime throughout the league’s 101-year history.

How NFL Halftime has Changed

NFL consistent season halftime used to it is in 15 minute long, the same length as the quarters. They readjusted the rule in 1990 to cut three minutes off the halftime break.

Before Super bowl XXV, very few modern performers played the halftime show. However in 1991, the NFL booked one of the hottest plot of the early on ’90s, brand-new Kids ~ above the Block. It was the beginning of the major pop star trend we check out today. Everything changed when Michael Jackson performed at Super bowl XXVII in 1993. Super bowl halftime present have practically exclusively hosted huge stars ever since.

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Michael Jackson’s Super key halftime performance in 1993.