Would you it is in surprised if ns told friend I obtain this question a lot native random civilization who uncover out that I understand something about wine? What if ns told friend it was among the peak things that people seem come be searching for when they end up here at my blog? I have actually no idea why, but due to the fact that people seem to be asking the question, probably they should gain an answer.

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So how long go a party of wine last as soon as opened? The brief answer is: as lengthy as that still tastes an excellent to you.

Wine doesn’t really ever before go bad, it simply starts to taste nasty to many of us after a while, and also eventually becomes vinegar.

But let’s get into a little more depth, shall we?

Before it has actually been opened, wine exist in its party with practically no air contact. The bottling procedure usually involves displacing every the continuing to be air after pour it until it is full a wine bottle through an inert gas such together nitrogen or argon before the cork goes in. Technically, the winemaker is commonly aiming for less than 1 part per million (PPM) that oxygen in the bottle. As soon as corked (or screwcapped) very tiny oxygen gets in, if at all. There have been debates for years around whether or no the cork actually lets air in end time, but scientists have figured out that the average cork does let in a little air in ~ the very first year, yet much much less after that.

We care about how lot air it s okay in due to the fact that wine, as soon as exposed come air, starts come oxidize and also begins that is journey towards salad dressing.

The process known together oxidation and the conversion come vinegar are actually two separate chemical processes.

When the molecules that consist of the wine room exposed to air, they start losing electrons, which alters their properties and also makes castle smell and also taste differently. Oxidation is the wine indistinguishable of as soon as a freshly cut apple turns brown end time.

Once alcohol is exposed to air, bacteria (found in the air, the wine, and pretty lot everywhere) also begin to consume the wine. Specifics a bacteria known as acetobacter starts to chow down on the alcohol (ethanol) in the wine, converting the alcohol to acetic acid, likewise known as vinegar.

So there room two points you can do come make your wine last much longer once you’ve began to drink it. One is to keep it exposed to as tiny oxygen as possible (acetobacter requirements air in order come metabolize the alcohol), and the other is to slow-moving down the management of the bacteria (so the conversion come vinegar bring away longer) by keeping temperatures low.

TL;DR: put the cork back in the bottle, and put that in the fridge. I uncover that many white wines will last as much as a mainly or an ext in the fridge. Red wines with greater acidity will certainly last 4 come 7 days prior to they start to taste funky to me, and also sparkling wines closed through a ideal sparkling alcohol stopper will last a mainly or an ext depending on how much wine is left in the bottle.

Read ~ above for much more details on making alcohol last longer once it is opened.

Minimizing oxygen contact


Acetobacter, the bacteria that turn wine to vinegar, live, reproduce, and metabolize ideal between 77° and also 86° Fahrenheit (25-30°C). Refrigerator temperature doesn’t death them, however it does sluggish them down considerably, which is what you want to do for making your wine last.

Once you’ve opened a bottle of wine and you haven’t perfect it, keep that sucker in the fridge until you’re all set for another glass or two.

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Most refrigerators are set colder than you want to drink your wine, so just pull the party out of the fridge a few minutes prior to you want to drink (10-20 minute in breakthrough for red wine). A most wine civilization get fussy about drinking wine also cold, yet frankly, I’d rather start drinking my wine as well cold than have it too warm. That warms up pretty easily in my glass, as does the bottle, as soon as it’s been collection on the table. Therefore don’t kill yourself trying to optimally time this entirety thing.