The original rating, interactions Technician, progressed in 1948 indigenous the ratings of professional (Q) (Cryptographers), professional (Q) (Radio Intelligence), specialist (Q) (Technicians), and Radioman. In 1976, the rating"s name was adjusted to the existing day, Cryptologic Technician.

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The Navy"s computerized personnel mechanism associates the rating name through an alphanumeric Navy work-related Specialty (NOS) code. For NOS code(s) for CTM, B520; for CTI, B510, B511, B515, or B516; for CTN, B525; because that CTR, B540; for CTT, B550.

CTs perform a selection of duties worldwide at countless overseas and also stateside shore commands, aboard surface ships, aircraft and also submarines and also Naval distinct Warfare. Duties encompass performing collection, evaluation and reporting on communication signals utilizing computers, specialized computer-assisted communications equipment, and video display terminals.

The class "A" school durations and locations for each the the CT ratings can be found under the matching heading below.

Cryptologic Technician - maintenance (NOS B520)

Effective October 1, 2011, Cryptologic Technician - maintain (CTM) has been made an energetic duty just program, and also no longer available as a marine Reserve rating.

Cryptologic Technicians (Maintenance) carry out preventive and also corrective maintain on electrical and also electronic cryptologic and also ancillary systems used for communications, analysis, monitoring, tracking, recognition and also identification, electronic attack, and physical security. Lock install, test, troubleshoot, repair or change cryptologic networks, physical security systems, electronic equipment, antennas, personal computers, auxiliary equipment, digital and also optical interfaces, and data systems.

CTMs configure, monitor, and evaluate details Operations (IO), info Warfare (IW) systems, and Information Assurance (IA) in assistance of national and fleet tasking. They manage mission organizational level maintenance, and coordinate fix of command, control, communications, computer and intelligence systems.

Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) course "A" school is about 16 main in duration. The class "A" school complies with a properly completed 10 mainly CTM preparatory school. Both schools are situated in Pensacola, Florida.

There are about 850 sailors working in the Cryptologic Technician (Maintenance) rating.

Cryptologic Technicians - Interpretive (NOS B510/B511/B515/B516)

Cryptologic Technicians (Interpretive) conduct info Operations (IO) using foreign language skills and progressed computer systems. Castle collect, analyze, and exploit international language communications signals of attention to identify, locate, and monitor an international threats.

CTIs control and safeguard access to divide material and also information systems. Castle transcribe, translate, and interpret foreign language materials, and prepare time-sensitive tactical and also strategic reports. They provide social and regional guidance in support of Joint, Fleet (special operations, air, surface, and subsurface), national, and multi-national consumers.

Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) course "A" school is damaged into 2 phases. Phase One, depending on the language, is everywhere from 27 come 64 main in duration; step Two, class "F" school, depending upon the language, is 6 come 12 main long. The college is located at the Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California.

There room no PCS-afloat billets available to CTIs. Sea time is accrued through straight Support objectives via Aircrew, Subsurface, or surface ar missions; CTIs may accrue substantial sea time however not achieve a warfare qualification. This is because of augmentation board different class platforms during straight Support tours, which might preclude them indigenous qualifying Enlisted surface Warfare specialist (ESWS), Enlisted Aviation warfare Specialist (EAWS), or default in submarines (SG). CTIs space expected to be qualified Enlisted Information dominance Warfare specialist (EIDWS) after perfect a tour at a Navy details Operations Command (NIOC).

For CTI Navy job-related Specialties, the codes are as such: NOS B510, E-9 only; NOS B511, navy Enlisted category (NEC) 9320 (Middle Eastern/North Africa); NOS B512, NEC 9321 (East/Far east Asia); NOS B515, NEC 9322 (Latin/South America); B516, NEC 9323 (Eastern Europe).

There are around 2,110 seafarers working in the Cryptologic Technician (Interpretive) rating.

Cryptologic Technician - Networks (NOS B525)

Cryptologic Technicians (Networks) monitor, identify, collect and also analyze information; carry out data for digital network products, and also they conduct computer network operations global to support Navy and also Department of Defense national and also theater level missions.

Duties include, yet are not limited to, network target development and Indications and Warning (I&W), assault Sensing and Warning (AS&W), and administer computer network risk mitigation and also network vulnerability assessments, and also incident response/reconstruction. Castle are active in computer network defense, accessibility tool advance and computer/network forensics.

Cryptologic Technician (Networks) course "A" institution is 23 mainly long, and also is automatically followed through a seven week course "C" school. Both schools are situated in Pensacola, Florida.

There are approximately 2,250 sailors working in the Cryptologic Technician (Networks) rating.

Cryptologic Technician - technological (NOS B550)

Cryptologic Technicians (Technical) operate and also maintain electronic sensors and also computer systems, and also collect, analyze, exploit, and also disseminate digital Intelligence (ELINT) every in accordance through fleet and national tasking. CTTs provide safety that platform, Indications and also Warning (I&W), and Anti-Ship Missile Defense (ASMD), and administer technical and also tactical accuse to war Commanders and national consumer in assistance of surface, subsurface, air, and special warfare operations.

Cryptologic Technician (Technical) class "A" college is about eight main long. The "A" school adheres to successful perfect a five week preparatory school. After ~ "A" school, every CTT will certainly attend a class"C/D" college that is approximately 7 come 10 mainly in duration. The schools are situated in Pensacola, Florida.

The CTT offers a 4 year minimum enlistment obligation, but the progressed Electronics field option for the rating requires a minimum of a 6 year enlistment obligation. The 6 year routine offers an ext school and advanced paygrade opportunities.

There are around 2,550 sailors working in the Cryptologic Technician (Technical) rating.

Cryptologic Technician - arsenal (B540)

Cryptologic Technicians (Collection) operate state-of-the-art computer system systems to conduct information Operations, and also they collect, analyze and exploit signals of interest to identify, locate and also report worldwide threats. CTRs control and safeguard accessibility to divide material and information systems, and provide tactical and also strategic signal intelligence, technical guidance, and information warfare assistance to surface, subsurface, air, special warfare units, and national consumers to maintain details dominance.

Cryptologic Technician (Collection) course "A" school is approximately 16 mainly long. The school is located in Pensacola, Florida.

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There are roughly 3,500 seafarers working in the Cryptologic Technician (Collection) rating.