Kyrie Irving will come to be a member that the Brooklyn Nets, and also he"s bringing some friends v him. 

Per ESPN"s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Nets room going to gain commitments from Irving, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan. 

Wojnarowski included Irving"s deal will certainly be precious $141 million over four years and Durant will get $164 million over 4 years. 

Irving, 27, invested the critical two periods with the Boston Celtics after requesting a profession from the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Irving verbally cursed to re-signing in Boston prior to the 2018-19 season, a frustrating campaign overrun by in-fighting resulted in his departure.

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Irving make the All-NBA 2nd team for the first time in his career, putting together his ideal individual season (23.8 PPG, 6.9 APG, 5.0 RPG). He was efficient, played far better defense than he ever before has and at time looked prefer the second-best suggest guard in basketball behind Stephen Curry.

The on-court brilliance was, however, overshadowed by a bristly connection with media and his teammates—particularly the Celtics" young core. Meant to contend for one NBA championship, the Celtics got out the the door slow and also never recovered. They finished a disappointing 49-33 during the continual season between a sea the team meetings and also Irving"s very own admission the wasn"t a good leader. 

"There"s to be a many of focus on the wrong things," Irving called ESPN"s Jackie MacMullan in May. "People make it as if basketball is the most important thing in ours lives. So, girlfriend the money and also expectations and also all the points that come v being in a expert environment.

"I dealt with all that this season. It"s not about having whatever if friend don"t have actually the joy of playing the game."


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Throughout the season, Irving"s commitment come the Celtics waned. Rumors the his leave grew louder as the shed year wore on. Irving himself told reporters, "I don"t fan anybody s--t" as soon as talking around his free agency. By the time the year ended, it to be seemingly welcomed that he would certainly leave Boston.

The just question to be to where.

The brand-new York Knicks had actually been considered among the favorites to land Irving for months. While countless presumed brand-new York was the front-runner, the Nets moved up Irving"s rankings with organizational competence and also a permanent plan. Brooklyn also made moves, consisting of trading Allen Crabbe, to get under the cap and have two max slot available.

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Most presumed that was to make a operation at Irving and Kevin Durant. When Durant ruptured his Achilles in the NBA Finals, which could force him to miss next season, that seemed prefer those plans had actually gone awry. 

The Nets don"t seem to have any kind of concerns around Durant"s capability to return at a high level, whenever that gets ago on the court. 

Irving has actually the chance to lead the franchise in Durant"s absence, despite Jordan also brings a solid veteran presence to aid shoulder the load. 

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