Show Performs: Saturday through Wednesday; Dark Thursday & FridayShow Times: 7:00PM & 9:30PMLocation: MGM cool Hotel & CasinoAges: kids under the period of 5 (5) room not allowed in the theatre. Guests under eighteen (18) need to be add by one adult.

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Theater Capacity: 1950Show Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.Bags or backpacks will certainly not be permitted right into the venue, except for small personal bags or purses (12″x12″ and also 6″ Max)

choose up Guest must current a valid federal government issued photo identification at the box office to pick up TICKETS.TICKETS should be picked up no earlier than one (1) hour ~ purchase and at the very least one (1) hour prior to the show. Tickets not picked increase one hour before the display will it is in released.

Seating details Seats room assigned by package office employee at the moment of pickup in the section purchased.Categories because that this theatre “shift” depending upon occupancy. Seating categories room subject to change based on demand.Doors open one (1) hour prior display time.Please express the seating categories and also theater map below.Category A: golden CircleCategory B: Premium ViewCategory C: typical ViewCategory D: Top Level & SidesCategory E: peak Level & Sides



Weapons, firearms, pepper spray, pocket knives, mace. No bags or backpacks permitted in the venue other than for small an individual bags or purses (12″x12″ and also 6″ Max); no smoking including vape devices and also electronic cigarettes; no exterior food; no pets or pet (accommodations produced trained, harnessed and housebroken organization animals); no cameras v interchangeable/detachable lens or exterior flash; no patrons without shoes or shirt.

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DISORDERLY conduct AT any type of TIME will certainly NOT BE permitted WITHIN THIS VENUE. STROBE LIGHTS and ATMOSPHERE impacts MAY it is in USED throughout TODAY’S EVENT.

CANCELLATION plan Terms and Conditions: 

No Refunds or Exchanges unless specifically permitted by the meet or promoter.Unredeemed vouchers or tickets are forfeited and non-refundable. As soon as purchased, the voucher or ticket is non-transferable.This ticket or voucher may not be resold or readily available for resale in a way or price that is in violation of any type of Federal, State, or local laws or regulations.