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Joe Exotic is calling out his longtime adversary, Carole Baskin.ET has actually a brand-new interview from inside the commonwealth Medical facility in ft Worth, Texas, wherein the 58-year-old Tiger King star broke his silence on Baskin"s husband, Howard, saying they would assistance his beforehand release from jail on one condition.

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Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is right now serving a 22-year sentence for the 2017 murder-for-hire plot to kill Baskin and also for many violations of wildlife laws. Howard freshly told the Mirror that regardless of Exotic and his wife"s long background of rivalry, they would actually assist Exotic obtain released indigenous prison at an early stage if he sustained the huge Cat Public safety Act. Exotic says he is accepting their offer.

"It is time because that Carole and also Howard to put up or close up door the hell up due to the fact that I"m accepting their offer," the says. "And I"m gonna take it one step more than that, OK? it is time to obtain on the phone to president Biden or whoever they need to that they"ve gained in their small financial pocket and say, "Hey, Joe is willing to support a huge cat invoice to assist protect cats in America from being exploited. Yet we must keep our finish of the deal and also get Joe a pardon due to the fact that this wasn"t really around murder for hire or shooting five tigers -- this was around exploiting Joe to support Carole"s agenda." So, there"s the sell on the table, all right?"

The large Cat Public security Act prohibits the personal ownership of huge cats favor tigers, lions, leopards, and also pumas to curb the cub petting industry. It to be passed by the residence of representatives on Dec. 3.

"The means it"s composed is not gonna aid anybody except PETA and Carole Baskin," Exotic claims. "So, I"ll testify in front of the Senate, I"ll testify in prior of the House, they desire to end big cats in America and also they desire to end the exploitation of them, I"m the guy to do it. Yet it"s time to get an attorney basic down here and also listen come the proof that I need to prove I"m innocent and also get me the hell the end of here. And also they"ve obtained my support. Other than that, they must stay the hell out of the news v all your crap just to obtain their name in the record because i just called their bluff."

ET got to out come 59-year-old Baskin, that stands by the offer.

"I wouldn"t look for a lessened sentence because that Joe based top top him simply saying he"d assist end cub handling," Baskintells ET. "I think he"d to speak anything, yet not actually execute it. He"d have to actually work-related with authorities to bring all of his buddies come justice and also work with legislators to end cub handling. Then, I"d want him come be bonus for having done the ideal thing."

Exotic has been in prison because that two and also a fifty percent years. He likewise commented on former president Donald trump card not offering him a pardon prior to leaving office. Last April, Trump told reporters he"d "take a look" as soon as asked during a White home press briefing if he"d pardon Exotic, though acknowledged he knew nothing around the well-known Netflix documentary.

"Trump, the chicken sh**, that left office and he"s only let world that he gained in problem out the jail," Exotic says.

Meanwhile, in March, his 22-year-old husband, Dylan Passage, common on Instagram the the two were "seeking a divorce" after 3 years the marriage. However, Exotic says the 2 have made decision to continue to be married.

"You know, I talk to Dylan three times a job on the telephone, and we love each other very much," that says. "He has actually been the end there alone for 2 and fifty percent years because the first six months he resided in a auto because we shed our house. The guy has actually been with hell and also he has actually stood through my side the entire time and also we were talking around a divorce a few weeks earlier so he can move on and also we talked about it some an ext and we chose to continue to be married."

But Exotic states he would recognize if Passage wanted to rest up.

"You know, if he needs to move on I have to respect that, i can"t suppose him to just hang top top forever," he notes. "He has told me time and time again ... If ns make it out of here alive, ns still have actually a home to come to. So, he stated he is no going anywhere, all right? the is all I have the right to say because that is all i know."

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Of much more immediate issue is Exotic"s insurance claims that the prison mechanism isn"t adequately addressing his medical issues.

"I have actually CVID, i beg your pardon is a typical variable immune disease, which method I have no immune system, and I have to obtain blood infusions every 3 to four weeks, and I"ve only been getting them every three months," that claims. "I was weighed again critical week and also I lost an additional 10 pounds, last week alone."

"I have actually hemoglobin anemia, i beg your pardon is an additional blood disease," the continues. "They provided to take it me downtown to the cancer facility for treatment however we stopped doing that. Ns refused therapy for tuberculosis critical week, I"m handle with another disease, mine mouth is complete of ulcers. Ns cannot eat. Ns look bad."

Exotic states if he gets out of prison, he has a new calling.

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"Listen, if i live v this because my health and wellness is deteriorating through the work ... I"m gonna perform nothing however go roughly the civilization and help the youngsters that have actually been born through cleft palates and also fix their faces," he says. " is among my favourite charities that i am walking to gain behind and we"re going to turn this into something good."

"I"m gonna stand for jail reform and also justice reform," he also says.

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