Jay Cutler had actually a long and also mostly effective NFL journey. However it came at a price.

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The quarterback cases he endured from 15 concussions in his 12-year playing career with the Broncos, Bears and Dolphins.

“I’ve damaged sufficient things and brain parts and heart and everything in mine life, if i make it come 80, or anything after that, I’ll be happy,” Cutler called Clay Skipper the GQ.

The concussion protocols were commonplace in Cutler’s career. His last documented concussion come on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2017 in a 30-20 dolphin loss come the Buccaneers.

“Oh, absolutely,” Cutler said when asked if he thinks around CTE and also concussions. “I would say absolutely my storage isn’t the same as it was 5 years ago. The quantity of concussions I’ve had are more than likely in the double digits. It’s gonna capture up to me at some point. I’m simply trying to delay it as much as possible.”

Cuter claimed last month’s Barstool Sports’ “Pardon my Take” that “CTE, it’s comes at part point.”

So, how specifically is he delaying the ramifications of those crippling head injuries?

“Trying to reduced sugar. Heavy quantities of fish oil have been tied to health and wellness in the brain,” Cutler told GQ.

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Jay Cutler walks off the ar after one injury endured in the 2015 season. Getty Images

“I’m doingNicotinamide Adenine di nucleotide (NAD) therapy. I’m doing it with IVs now. NAD is in every the cell in your body, the mitochondria, the power that pushes every cell come function. As you acquire older, you lose NAD. Therefore I’m act NAD therapy, which, at a main point level, helps whatever in your body. I’ve noticed that that’s definitely helped me. Something I deserve to do this days, I’m trying to get associated in.”

CTE is a progressive mind disease that comes from blows to the head and also various concussions. The condition is prominent among football players and also has been found in the brains of plenty of athletes that have died young – doctors found that junior Seau’s mind suffered native CTE after ~ his suicide, in one of the an ext prominent examples.


But over there is hope. NAD is a promising, emerging treatment because that concussions and also CTE. So, also though his brain will never ever be the same, Cutler is thankful because that his arduous journey and would carry out it all again.

“Absolutely i would,” Cutler said once asked if he would certainly be a football player, in hindsight. “I wouldn’t also question it. I’d sign up in a heartbeat. The relationship that ns made, the memory that ns have, the way of living it’s accustomed me and also my youngsters . It outweighs the benefits. In my mind. There might be some world that say, ‘hey, that’s crazy.’ yet I’d do it all over again, no question about it.”