Governor JB Pritzker

Governor JB Pritzker to be sworn in as the 43rd branch of the state of top top January 14, 2019 and also won election with the biggest margin of win over a sitting branch in more than a century.

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After taking the oath the office, branch Pritzker automatically began working v Democrats and Republicans to attain one the the most ambitious and also consequential legislative branch agendas in state history. During his first session, the branch passed a balanced budget v a bipartisan majority, making historic investments in education and human services, while restoring fiscal stability to The governor likewise won bipartisan passage because that legalization that adult-use recreational cannabis and for Rebuild, the biggest investment in state history to update roads, bridges, rail, broadband, and also universities in every edge of the state.

The branch took interlocutor action, putting state government earlier on the next of working families by creating hundreds of hundreds of jobs, raising the minimum wage to a life wage, making college more affordable for almost 10,000 extr students, and advancing equal pay for women.

A national leader in beforehand childhood education for over twenty years and having organized chairman Obama’s White home Summit on beforehand Childhood Education, branch Pritzker this year made childcare and also preschool much more affordable in for tens of thousands much more families. He also partnered through the higher Chicago Food Depository and also Share our stamin to fight son poverty by broadening school breakfast programs in low income school districts across our state.

Before becoming governor, Pritzker established 1871, the non-profit tiny business incubator in Chicago that has helped business man create much more than 11,000 jobs and an ext than 1,000 brand-new companies. Because the development of 1871, Chicago has actually been called one of the peak ten an innovation startup hubs in the world, and also 1871 was named the best incubator in the world. Together governor, he has expanded support for new business incubators and also cut taxes for numerous thousands of tiny businesses if incentivizing task creation and innovation. He likewise extended research study and advance tax credits to assist manufacturing workers and also businesses thrive, and also he worked with the company community to develop apprenticeship taxation credits come promote job training.

The descendant of refugees, branch Pritzker believes ours state and also our country should welcome and protect that immigrant families and that we must fight against the wave of intolerance that has actually risen in current years. Before becoming governor, the led the production of the Holocaust Museum and Education Center, a nationally known institution where hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, police officers and others find out to hit bigotry and also hatred. As governor, that has constructed the most diverse cabinet and governor’s office in history.

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Governor Pritzker and first Lady MK Pritzker have been married for much more than a quarter century, and also they room the proud parental of two children.