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Just gradually for back to hogwart celebrations, all eight Harry Potter films will return to HBO Max indigenous September.

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After a brief period of streaming ~ above NBCUniversal’s streaming site, Peacock, the movies will certainly be easily accessible on WarnerMedia’s HBO Max. The eight movies were originally accessible on HBO Max because that a three month period upon the streaming service’s beginning in may 2020 (and additionally for short stints transparent 2021, regardless of the legal rights being through Peacock). That is unclear at this suggest how lengthy the digital streaming rights for the movies will stay with WarnerMedia’s HBO Max, and whether fans will need to look because that the collection in a brand-new home in the not-too-distant future.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to uncover Them and Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald are not had on the perform of movies being included to HBO Max in September, so fans will certainly seemingly have to look out for the two prequel movies elsewhere.

The 20th anniversary that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s rock is this November, for this reason streaming giants will likely have actually their eyes on the rights to the movies because that this period, together fan nostalgia kicks in for the anniversary the the first movie - the is unknown exactly how long WarnerMedia’s HBO Max will save the movies for this time around.

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Other title being added to HBO Max top top September 1st include The Goonies, Nanny McPhee, Rent, Transformers and Inheritance, with title such as Mad Max: rage Road, Mortal Kombat, The Good, The Bad, and also the Ugly, and Promising Young woman also joining the platform later on next month.


I am an elderly Editor of leading Harry Potter website The Leaky Cauldron (the-leaky-cauldron.org) and have had the possibility to interview civilization behind the films, plays,

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I am an elderly Editor of leading Harry Potter website The Leaky Cauldron (the-leaky-cauldron.org) and have had the opportunity to interview people behind the films, plays, books, and products connected with J.K. Rowling"s Wizarding world franchise. I"ve had actually my creating featured in a special "Fantastic Beasts" version of Newsweek magazine, report from the an international and U.K. Premieres the "Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald", and continue to seek opportunities to report ~ above the global influence that the franchise.