GAME of THRONES season 8, episode 4 is ultimately here but how lengthy is gained 71? Here’s every little thing you have to know.

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Game of Thrones season 8, illustration 4 is 78 minutes lengthy in length. (Image: HBO)

How long is obtained 71?

Game the Thrones season eight, episode 4 is 78 minutes long in length.

The fourth episode is one of the much longer episodes in the six-part last series.

Last week’s episode, episode three, to be the longest in length, running to a total of 82 minutes.

Here’s a look at the episode running times for game of Thrones season eight:

Episode One: 54 minutesEpisode Two: 58 minutesEpisode Three: 82 minutesEpisode Four: 78 minutesEpisode Five: 79 minutesEpisode Six: 79 minutes



Game that Thrones season 8, illustration 4 is 78 minutes lengthy in length. (Image: HBO)

If you are watching video game of Thrones episode 4 on HBO, the episode will air in ~ 9pm Eastern typical Time and Finish about 10:30pm.

Viewers in the united state can likewise stream episode 4 of game of Thrones via HBO Go and HBO Now.

US viewers can likewise watch the recent episode via Hulu which supplies HBO as an additional service.

HBO have the right to be streamed top top Hulu through a one-week audioeditorfree.comst-free trial and also then because that $14.99 a month.

In the UK, the episode will air in ~ the very same time, dropping on sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday morning (May, 6).

This way the episode will certainly finish roughly 3:30am brother Summer Time.


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Game of Thrones season 8, illustration 4 is 78 minutes lengthy in length. (Image: HBO)

Game that Thrones: Emilia Clarke talks filming ‘The lengthy Night’

The fourth episode of game of Thrones season eight will certainly be accessible to watch from 2am on now TV and also on skies Go.

To clock episodes of video game of Thrones on now TV, you have the right to sign approximately a seven day totally free trial the the streaming service.

After the trial is audioeditorfree.commplete, you have the right to subscribe to currently TV from £7.99 per month.

The ahead seven audioeditorfree.comllection of game of Thrones are obtainable to watch on currently TV.

Don’t worry, if you space not awake in ~ 2am to watch the audioeditorfree.comllection or do not have time to capture the episode throughout the job on Monday, sky Atlantic will certainly be airing the episode again at 9pm.



Game of Thrones season 8, illustration 4 is 78 minutes lengthy in length. (Image: HBO)

What will take place in gained 71?

Game the Thrones season eight, episode 4 will pick up from the devastation of the battle of Winterfell.

Although the Night King (played by Vladimir Furdik) to be defeated and also killed and also the white walkers to be wiped out, it might be possible the Night King is quiet alive.

The next episode is likely to disclose who else passed away drying the fight of Winterfell as they bury the dead.

Fingers overaudioeditorfree.comme no other fan favourites disaudioeditorfree.comvered themselves amongst the deceased.

The teaser trailer because that the following episode reveals the attention will certainly be shifted to a more human battle, the fight for the steel Throne.

At the moment, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) stop the throne and Daenerys Targaryen (Emila Clarke) and also her supporters space heading to kings Landing to claim it, dragons in tow.

You have the right to watch the teaser trailer for episode four above now.

The trailer starts with Cersai and Euron Grejoy (Pilou Asbaek) feather out throughout Kings Landing indigenous the Red Keep.

The clip then cut to Daenerys and also her troops sailing towards kings Landing.

Daenerys climate says: “We have won the an excellent war, currently we will certainly win the critical war.”

Jon snow (Kit Harrington), Sansa distinguishable (Sophie Turner) and also Arya distinct (Maisie Williams) deserve to be viewed watching Daenerys, no looking overly impressed through their leader.

Fans have been speculating even if it is Sansa will betray Daenerys in the staying three episodes.

A montage the violent scene play throughout the trailer alongside what looks favor Ayra and also her lover Gentry (Joe Dempsie) sharing a kiss.

Right at the finish of the trailer, Cersei warns: “We"ll rip her out root and stem.”

Viewers will have to tune in tonight to find out specifically how it will all play out after the battle of Winterfell.

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Game that Thrones season 8 airs top top HBO in the us on Sundays 9pm ET and also onSkyAtlantic and NOW TV in the UK on Mondays at 2am & 9pm BST

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