The following Friday the 13th isFriday, might 13, 2022, the only among that calendar year. What is the definition of Friday the 13th and also how walk this superstition also begin?Why specifically is today often associated with great or bad luck (and what execute you think!). Find out some fun and also freaky facts!

Friday the 13th occurs one to 3 times each year. In countless countries roughly the world, this day is taken into consideration unlucky and tied to misfortunateevents.

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When is the following Friday the13th?

YearFriday the 13thDates2021202220232024
Friday, respectable 13
Friday, might 13
Friday, January 13Friday, October 13
Friday, September 13Friday, December 13

Friday the 13thOrigins

Let’s look earlier at the beginnings of this ominous date. Although nobody knows because that certain, the fear of the number 13 and the are afraid of Friday likely combined around the so late 1800s into this brand-new phobia; no clear mention of it had been discussed in released works beforethen.


Do you recognize the story the Loki? at a dinner v 12 the the norseman gods, Loki was no invited. However, the trouble-maker verified up, fighting ensued, and one that the most well-known gods (Baldur) was eliminated thatday.

Nights the theTemplar

The predominant20th-century theory argues that that stemmed from an occasion thatoccurred ~ above Friday, October 13, 1307, when thousands belonging to an influential religious military order dubbed the Knights Templar (officially, the negative Knights that Christ and also of the temple of Solomon) to be arrested because that blasphemy and other affronts at the command of France’s king, Philip IV. Numerous were later on tortured, coerced into making false confessions, andexecuted.

When the knights were melted at the stake in Paris, the order’s leader, Jacque de Molay, cried out, “God knows who is wrong and also has sinned. Soon, a calamity will happen to those who have condemned us to death.”The divine warrior’s curse and wrongful fatality put a hex on Friday the 13th through theages.

The burn of the Templars ( BritishLibrary/Robana/Rex)

The LastSupper

Another superstition associates Friday the 13th through the critical Supper, to visit by 13 people—Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples.The number 13 is associated with Judas Iscariot, that betrayed Christ soon after that Last Supper. Christ to be handed to roman soldiers the next morning and crucified top top GoodFriday.


Fear that Friday the13th

No matter how the phobia came about, superstitions concerning it tho abound. On Friday the 13th, some people refuse to cut their hair or nails, dine out,buy a house, start a job, command business, marry, or participate in any type of event. Various other folks room so terrorized the they fear even crawling out of bed or going all over on this day (including Winston Churchill, who taken into consideration traveling on Friday the 13thunlucky).

As you might be aware, quite a couple of of today’s skyscrapers and also hotels don’t have 13th floors or a room 13. Much more than 60 million people worldwide have a phobia the Friday the 13th to varyingdegrees.

Thefear the Friday the 13th is officially referred to as friggatriskaidekaphobia.Friggarefers to the vikings god for which Friday is named and triskaidekaphobiameans fear of the number13.

An alternative term because that the anxiety is paraskevidekatriaphobia.Originating from Greek, paraskevi means Friday, dekatria describes “thirteen,” and also phobia converts as“fear.”

It no AllBad…

Many that those who were born on Friday the 13th, or whose birthdays loss on the 13th and also occasionally take place on a Friday, think about themselves immune to any kind of negativerepercussions.

In some countries, the job is taken into consideration normal or even lucky! In various other countries, the ill-fated day is a various one! In Italy, that is Friday the 17th. In part Hispanic countries, Tuesday the 13th is the unlucky one. In fact, the location of the 1980 American horror film Friday the 13th (now a cult classic) was readjusted to Martes 13 (“Tuesday the 13th”) for Spanish-speakingaudiences.



There room 14 possible configurations because that the yearly calendar that identify how numerous Friday the 13thswill happen in theyear.

6 of 14 years have one Friday the13th.6 the 14 years have two Fridays the13th.2 of 14 years have actually three Fridays the13th.Months that have a Friday the 13th begin on aSunday.

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Friday the 13th FunFacts

Sure, many of great things happened on Friday the 13th, however to someone v friggatriskaidekaphobia, the mattersnot!

The fear novelist Stephen King is a triskie. He’s additionally afriggatriskaidekaphobe.Franklin Roosevelt had such an irrational are afraid of Friday the 13 that he would protect against traveling onFridays.Jack the Ripper claimed his last victim top top Friday the 13th in1888.

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