Avoid opening the fridge and also freezer doors unless you need to. If maintained closed, the food will continue to be cold for longer.Getty Images
A fatal winter storm has actually battered the South, knocking power out because that millions of citizens in Texas — and also a doubt tornado hit phibìc Carolina leaving three civilization dead and 10 injured, along with downed strength lines for over a thousand residents, according to NBC News.

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Power outages are common in winter. If you’re one of the citizens who has actually lost power, girlfriend may currently dealing with a most unfortunate situations — nothing let spoiled food be one more thing to include to your plate.


The U.S. Room of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection organization (FSIS) has actually issued food safety and security tips because that those impacted by strength outages. V winter storm season in full tilt, it’s an excellent to keep these recommendations on hand for feasible future outages.

There"s always this super handy quarter-in-water cheat to test food freshness. But if your power has gone the end recently, the USDA has provided some extr steps come take:

Avoid opened the fridge and also freezer doors uneven you require to. If kept closed, the food will stay cold for much longer — a closeup of the door refrigerator will store food cold for around four hrs while a full freezer will organize its temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if half-full).Place meat and poultry come one next of the freezer or ~ above a tray. This helps prevent cross pollution of thawing juices.Use dried or block ice to keep the refrigerator together cold together possible. Fifty pounds of dry ice need to keep a fully-stocked 18-cubic-feet freezer cold for 2 days.


Before girlfriend eat any kind of food in the fridge or freezer, right here are part guidelines come make certain it’s still safe:

Check the temperature inside of her refrigerator and also freezer. Discard any type of perishable food (things like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs or leftovers) that has been over 40°F because that two hours or more.Toss any food that has an inexplicable odor, color or texture or feels warm to the touch. You’ll want to examine each items individually for this.Check frozen food for ice cream crystals. The food in her freezer that partly or totally thawed out might be safely refrozen if it still includes ice crystals or is 40°F or below.Never taste food to decide if that safe. If you unsure, simply toss it.

If your power is out as result of winter storms, don"t usage the snow as a makeshift refrigerator. The sun"s rays have the right to thaw food also if the temperature is cold —and food can come into contact with pets outdoors, the USDA defined on that is website. Instead, use buckets and also containers to produce ice to save in her refrigerator or freezer to save food cold.

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The most vital thing come remember is: as soon as in doubt, throw it out. Otherwise, you and also your family could get yes, really sick, and also you’ve definitely got enough to worry around and attend to after a storm or herbal disaster.