What Is the Flu?

The flu is an infection of the respiratory tract (nose, throat, and also lungs). It"s caused by a virus the spreads easily from human being to person.Flu viruses usually reason the most condition during the cooler months the the year. In the unified States, flu season is native October to May.

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What room the indicators & symptoms of the Flu?

When human being have the flu, they typically feel worse 보다 they carry out with a cold. Most people start to feel sick about 2 days after lock come in contact with the flu virus. They might have:

chills muscle aches dizziness loss of appetite tiredness runny sleep weak ear pain

Babies with the flu likewise may suddenly seem fussy or simply "not look right."

What reasons the Flu?

The flu it s okay its surname from the virus that reasons it — the influenza virus. It spreads when people cough or sneeze out droplets that space infected through the virus and also other human being breathe lock in. The droplets also can floor on things choose doorknobs or shopping carts, infecting world who touch them.

Is the Flu Contagious?

The flu is very contagious. People can spread it indigenous a day prior to they feel sick till their symptoms are gone. This is about 1 week because that adults, but it have the right to be longer for young kids.

The flu generally happens in yearly epidemics. An epidemic is when an illness spreads quickly and also infects lots of civilization in an area at the very same time. Some years the epidemic is an ext severe and also widespread than others. One epidemic the spreads global is dubbed a pandemic. This is much less common. Over there were three influenza pandemics in the 20th century, and also one so far in the 21st century, in 2009 with influenza A (H1N1).

During the coronavirus pandemic, experts discovered that wearing masks can aid protect the community from the spread out of germs. Lock recommended that all youngsters age 2 and also up stay a mask when out in public or around people who don"t live v them. Wearing masks have the right to also assist stop the spread out of flu.

How Is the Flu Diagnosed?

Often, just how a kid looks is enough for health treatment providers to diagnose the flu. Youngsters who have it normally look ill and also miserable.

Other infections can reason symptoms comparable to the flu. So if health care providers need to be certain that someone has influenza, they could do a test. They"ll take a sample of mucus by clean everything a long cotton swab inside the nose or throat. Results could be all set quickly, or deserve to take much longer if the test is sent out to a lab.

How Is the Flu Treated?

Most kids with flu get far better at home. Make certain your child:

it s okay plenty that sleep and also takes it basic attract layers the are basic to remove. Children might feel cold one minute and also hot the next.

Children through the flu should stay house from school and childcare until they feeling better. They should go back only as soon as they haven"t had a fever for at least 24 hours without making use of a fever-reducing medicine. Some kids need to stay residence longer. Questioning the physician what"s ideal for her child.

Doctors might prescribe antiviral medication for a very ill boy or youngsters are at hazard for more serious symptoms. The medicine deserve to shorten the flu by 1–2 days. The works ideal if children start taking it in ~ 48 hrs of the start of the flu. If a medical professional prescribes antiviral medicine for your child, ask around any feasible side effects. Doctors won"t prescribe antibiotics because that the flu. Antibiotics work only against bacteria, no viruses.

What troubles Can Happen?

Some children are much more likely come have difficulties when they obtain the flu, including:

kids up to period 5, specifically babies youngsters or teenagers who take it aspirin regularly people who are really obese females who room pregnant, do the efforts to get pregnant, just had actually a baby, or space breastfeeding people who live in long-term treatment facilities, such together nursing homes human being 65 years and older

If they acquire the flu, their disease can be more serious. They can develop pneumonia or get also sicker from various other kinds of epidemic (like bacterial infections). If this happens, plenty of will need medical care in the hospital. So it"s necessary for them not to be close to anyone who has the flu or flu-like symptoms.

People who have actually flu symptoms should keep their distance from anyone who could get really sick if they capture the flu.

How lengthy Does the Flu Last?

Fever and also other flu symptoms regularly go away after a week or so, but some civilization may still have actually a cough or feel weak for longer than that.

Can the Flu it is in Prevented?

There"s no guaranteed method to prevent the flu. Yet getting the flu vaccine every year deserve to help. Everyone 6 month of age and also older should acquire it every year.

Most doctor"s offices, clinics, and also drugstores market the flu vaccine indigenous September come mid-November. It"s finest to gain it prior to the end of October. But even if you don"t gain it at the begin of the flu season, it"s not also late to obtain one when the flu is tho going around.

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If your child is sick, has actually a fever, or is wheezing, talk to your medical professional to view if you have to reschedule the flu vaccine.

What Else deserve to Help?

To make dispersing the flu less likely, anyone in your family should::

never pick up offered tissues. Never share cups and also eating utensils. Stay house from job-related or college if they have actually the flu. Cover their mouth and also nose through a tissue once they cough or sneeze, then put it in the trash. Sneeze or sneeze right into their top arm, not their hands, if a organization isn"t handy.