How will it every end and also who will preeminence Westeros? (Picture: HBO)

The final episode of game of Thrones is practically upon us, and also we’re not certain if we’re rather ready.

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The season 8 finale will certainly premiere in ~ 2am tomorrow morning (Monday 20 May).

That’s 9pm eastern Time because that our friends throughout the pond, that luckily don’t have to choose in between a sleepless night or a day invested dodging spoiler on society media.

Wondering just how long you need to block out for it? We have actually the answers.

How long is the last illustration of game of Thrones?

Episode six will last a grand total of 80 minute which is approximately the same size as illustration three, four and five of the existing season.

Despite the longer episodes this season, some fans have felt the the brand-new season should have actually been longer.

The disappointment from a part of the fanbase has also led to pan signing a petition to work again, please again season eight with different writers.

Will Arya manage to obtain through her death list? (Picture: HBO)

What is the longest ever Game the Thrones episode?

Season eight, episode 3 – The lengthy Night – right now holds the document for the longest game of Thrones episode, clocking in at 82 minutes.

Prior audioeditorfree.comme this season, the longest episodes to be season 7’s penultimate past the wall episode (71 minutes) and the season 6 finale, The Winds the Winter (69 minutes).

Beyond The wall surface previously organized the reaudioeditorfree.comrd for the longest episode (Picture: HBO)

How long have the video game of Thrones season 8 episodes been?

While the season began off with much shorter episodes, more recent episodes have crept fine over the normal one hour runtime.

Episode 1: 54 minutesEpisode 2: 58 minutesEpisode 3: 82 minutesEpisode 4: 78 minutesEpisode 5: 80 minutesEpisode 6: 80 minutes

Most the the series longest episodes have happened in season 8 (Picture: HBO)

The final season is likewise one of the most expensive to day in terms of manufacturing budget.

While HBO don’t totally disclose statistics, it’s believed they spent approximately $90 million (£69 million).

What is the shortest ever before Game of Thrones episode?

Season 7’s The Spoils the War episode clocked in at simply 50 minutes.

Several other episodes have actually lasted simply 51 minutes.

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Game of Thrones audioeditorfree.comncludes top top HBO and also Sky Atlantic Sunday. You can catch-up on illustration so far on currently TV.

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