Ser Davos Seaworth, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister on the precipice of battle at King's Landing in the fifth episode of the final season of 'Game that Thrones.'HBO



***"Game of Thrones" spoiler below. Take your dragons and also fly away if friend haven’t watched the critical episode.***

With simply a mainly left before the series finale of “Game that Thrones,” speculation abounds.

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Will Daenerys go complete Mad King? will certainly Grey Worm (especially ~ he witnessed Missandei, the love the his life, acquire decapitated)? will Varys shot to practice Jon Snow right into the stole Throne? will Arya snuff the end Cersei? will certainly the Hound death the Mountain? and also will Sansa — or Bran — it is in the one left after it’s all over?


‘Game of Thrones’: Dracarys! fans mourn lover character. Check out who died and also a preview for episode 5.

The untimely fatality arrives with just two episodes left the the HBO show.

We don’t recognize the answers to this questions, but we deserve to look at photos indigenous the upcoming episode and see what they can tell us.

First, here’s some straightforward viewing information for the show and the coming weeks, together with a refresher top top the cup dispute that surfaced on society media and caused HBO to edit the many recent episode.

What time is 'Game the Thrones’? how long is episode 5? when is the series finale?

The runtime of critical week’s episode, titled “The last of the Starks,” to be 78 minutes long.

This week’s episode, which airs 9 p.m. Sunday, may 12 ~ above HBO, runs for 80 minutes. That’s additionally the length of the collection finale on may 19.

You can watch on HBO, HBO go or HBO Now.


The too ~ departed Missandei. Has actually her death brought Daenerys to the leaf of a breakdown? Macall B. Polay | HBO

What was the deal with that Starbucks cup?

The chatter after last week’s episode originally focused on topics favor the credibility the Brienne crying over Jaime’s exit from Winterfell, the death of Missandei, the death of Rhaegal the dragon, Sansa’s declare on her rape making her the human she is, Tyrion’s tenuous claim that his sister Cersei is “not a monster,” and the writers’ obvious decision to have actually Daenerys do an abrupt turn into a perhaps dangerous state that mind. (Weiss and Benioff penned the episode.)

But in the end, a coffee cup accidentally left in a scene ended up being the viral minute from the episode.

So this is where we're at now! A Starbucks cup! #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/dhWXyDo15w

— Nehal Mahran (
NehalMahran) might 6, 2019

Fans circulated images and video clip of the cup, referred to as a Starbucks cup, after ~ the finish of the episode. By Monday, the Starbucks cup had end up being its own character in the show.

HBO playfully addressed the slipup top top Twitter, claiming the Daenerys had actually actually bespeak a cup of tea.

The Starbucks account tweeted the she should have ordered the coffee chain’s new dragon fruit-flavored Dragon Drink.

But the cup giveth and also the cup taketh away. By Tuesday, the cup — which was from craft services on set, not Starbucks — had actually been erased from the episode.


‘Game that Thrones’ left a Starbucks cup in the show and also people room freaking out a latte

Viewers noticed the cup sit on a table near Daenerys Targaryen in the latest episode.

On “The this evening Show” Friday, Sophie Turner, that plays Sansa Stark, deflected speculation that it was she cup (a photograph from another episode this season pictured her with an similar cup) by pointing a finger at Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen.

They all obtain the very same cups, she called Jimmy Fallon, and the fact that the cup satellite nearest Clarke to be a dead giveaway.

“I mean, looked that it’s placed in former of,” Turner said.

News native Winterfell.The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. #Daenerys had actually ordered an natural tea. Pic.twitter.com/ypowxGgQRl

— video game of Thrones (
GameOfThrones) may 6, 2019
When is the ‘Game that Thrones’ documentary?

Sure, you’ll be mourning the end of the display after may 19, but that’s not the end. Not yet.

“Game of Thrones: The critical Watch,” a behind-the-scenes HBO documentary, will certainly air native 9 come 11 p.m. Might 26.

Director Jeanie Finlay followed the HBO show for the make of the final season. The documentary is executive produced by series showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

HBO claims the film “delves deep right into the mud and blood to reveal the tears and also triumphs connected in the challenge of pass the fantasy people of Westeros come life in the an extremely real studios, fields and also car-parks of northern Ireland.”

A look at illustration 5

Here’s the teaser because that the penultimate illustration of “Game of Thrones” (we don’t know the title yet).

The clip reflects the stirrings of battle after the damaging attempt at extract a surrender from Cersei and also Euron Greyjoy’s siege on Daenerys’ fleet.

And you can bet there will be a battle, if the fact that Miguel Sapochnik is the manager is any kind of indication. Sapochnik directed “The lengthy Night,” the 82-minute fight of Winterfell episode, i beg your pardon aired April 28.

In the preview, Jon Snow, Tyrion and also Varys wait external King’s Landing v Daenerys’ troops together Cersei’s military of sellswords, the gold Company, waits, battle-ready, in ~ the gate.

Tiger Wins.
Bucks playoff opener. GOT final Season begins. #dreamsunday # pic.twitter.com/VULjQOFEZf

— Aaron Rodgers (
AaronRodgers12) April 14, 2019
Celebrity cameo

Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the eco-friendly Bay Packers, will likewise make an illustration in the 5th episode that “Game that Thrones” Sunday. Rodgers confirmed his cameo in a recent interview (see tweet below).

Previous celebrity cameos this season have had Rob McElhenney, who produced “It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia” and also plays Mac ~ above the show, and also Martin Starr (Gilfoyle on “Silicon Valley”). Both actors played ill-fated Greyjoy soldiers in the season premiere the aired April 14. One more athlete, pitcher boy name “Thor” Syndergaard that the Mets, had actually a cameo in the seventh season together a Lannister soldier.

OMG...thought he was joking
KentuckyDerby #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/fkDgBlFeGQ

— Sam Alex (
SamAlexRadio) might 10, 2019

Last week, big bosses D.B. Weiss and also David Benioff showed up in the very same scenes together the viral cup.

The most infamous cameo to be singer Ed Sheeran together a Lannister soldier in the seventh season.

Sheeran’s figure on the show drew so countless jeers from the the town hall audience that writers even had a personality talk around the same soldier this season, just to point out that he had actually his face melted off by Daenerys’ dragon.

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss as 2 wildlings. Did friend spot them? #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/CjCrC9fbea

— DracarysD (
QueenOfAshesED) may 7, 2019
Photos indigenous the episode

What can we glean native the episodic pictures released through HBO days before the air date?

The series photo below shows the gold Company that Essos and their captain, harry Strickland (sans elephants, the course). Us haven’t had countless interactions v Strickland beyond his meeting through Cersei, so not sure what to suppose there.


Harry Strickland, captain of the golden Company.HBO

In the photograph below, it shows up as if Varys — rocked to his core by the occasions at Winterfell, also down over there in the crypt — is ago in action.

King’s Landing’s old spymaster has possibly collection a arrangement in activity to protect against Daenerys from acquisition the iron Throne, if we’re to take it his conversation through Tyrion in the last illustration to heart. Specifically, that is sustaining Jon for the Throne, the human being that seems to want it the least.

If or once Daenerys find out, he is a goner.


Jon Snow through Varys. The schemer and spymaster is do the efforts to prevent calamity because that the realm, yet will he end up getting damaged in the process? HBO

Now that Missandei is gone, what deserve to Grey Worm do except follow Daenerys and “Dracarys!" Cersei’s army?

It’s what Missandei wanted, also though that would have actually done the anyway if she to be still by his side. Because his desires of returning her to the beaches that Naath (at least while she alive) space dead, he’s gained nothing to lose.

Will the sacrifice his life to make sure Daenerys Dracaryses everyone into oblivion?


Now the he mourns Missandei, will Grey Worm sacrifice himself trying to gain Daenerys top top the throne? Helen Sloan | HBO

Ah, Euron Greyjoy. The worst rogue not due to the fact that he is a Cersei-caliber foil, but since he is not even worthy the the attention.

But now that Cersei has validated his hopes and also dreams, plus lied come him around her infant being his, the may just be even much more motivated to it is in terrible.

Euron’s gigantic crossbow probably helps in that regard, since he did kill Rhaegal and also we watch it again here. Who is looking front to Yara (and the spirit of Theon) killing him?


Euron Greyjoy, the worst!HBO

What is Cersei’s endgame past the gold Company and the Mountain?

Tyrion’s indigenous of diplomacy no work, but they walk visibly get to her, the id that she is a mother who cares about her children.

Does this median she yes, really is pregnant? will she offer birth to the brand-new Night King? So many questions.


Cersei Lannister can have been slightly touched by her brother's words, but she won't let them get in the method of her big fight. Helen Sloan | HBO

After yet one more ill-fated communication with his sister, Tyrion can be left feather foolish again, but he looks mostly terrified here. He might well get an additional one-on-one conversation v Cersei because that old times’ sake, but It’s probably safe come say Daenerys has actually been steaming around that second chance she gave him.

Remember, it to be Jorah who urged her come go easy on him, yet now he is dead. Jorah’s fatality takes on a kind of valuable symbolism here, especially when you think about her watch of Tyrion. Yet the effects of her desires walk unchecked by advisors will most likely play out in this episode, currently that she’s shed so much. Jorah, Missandei, Rhaegal ... Each death brings her closer to she fate.


Is Tyrion Lannister doomed on both sides of the fight? Helen Sloan | HBO

Jon Snow and Davos: the former smuggler and the former bastard.

We don’t know where they’ll soil after the battle with Cersei’s men, yet if Tyrion and also Daenerys kick the bucket, Davos i do not care a pretty an excellent contender because that hand that the king if Jon is the one to take it the throne.

Of course, Varys probably expecting the title, but from what Melisandre said, he may not endure this episode, particularly if Daenerys discovers everything he’s plotting.


Ser Davos Seaworth and also Jon Snow: wherein will they find themselves together Daenerys zeroes in ~ above the enemy who eliminated her trusted adviser and dragon?Helen Sloan | HBO

Jon is torn between the Starks, his initial family, and also Daenerys, his brand-new family and also love interest. The obviously chose the Starks when he made decision to phone call Sansa and also Arya the he to be the real heir to the iron Throne. Bran, the course, currently knew, however in true Bran fashion, didn’t think to tell them. Yet he’s Bran, therefore he probably had a great reason.

When Daenerys finds the end that Jon violated what she inquiry of him — to store the mystery — there’s no telling how she will certainly explode/implode. She may be too preoccupied v Cersei to begin with, yet it’s coming.


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