Ranking Every Star battles Movie indigenous Shortest to Longest (And your Runtime) through the relax of illustration 9, the civilization of Star battles as we know it will shortly be over. We"re acquisition a look back at the film"s impressive runtimes.

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because that over four decades, the world has to be captivated by the world of a galaxy far, much away as portrayed in the Star Wars franchise. Even if it is you align yourselves v the light side or the dark side, the Jedi or the Sith, the Resistance or the first Order, it"s not difficult to get swept increase in the adventures the go on in ~ the Skywalker saga, and the series" independent films.

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With the ninth and final film in the Skywalker saga due the end in simply a few days, currently marks the perfect time to look back on the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Here, we"re spring at exactly how the films" runtimes have developed over time, native shortest to longest.

As remarkable as it might sound, the very very first film in the Star Wars saga was barely two hours long. It"s both a refreshing realization, but likewise worth noting if only for the sake of observing how much more facility the films have become due to the fact that this first release.

Even still, through its tight runtime that 121 minutes, A new Hope managed to develop the universe of a galaxy far, much away; present our three heroes in Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and also Han Solo, and our villain in Darth Vader; and create a cause worth rooting because that in the Rebel Alliance"s crusade versus the Empire.

The 2nd film in the Skywalker saga, the universally adored Empire Strikes Back, only clocks in at just a few minutes longer than the film that began it all. But Empire bring away the plots and relationships developed in A brand-new Hope and also turns them fully on their head, subverting every expectations and producing much more discrete storylines 보다 its predecessor.

Empire additionally introduces iconic personalities to the Star Wars universe, including Billy Dee Williams" lovable scoundrel Lando Calrissian and everyone"s favourite 900-year-old Muppet, Yoda.

The death of Darth Vader in Return that the Jedi
The an initial film in the saga with the obligation of wrapping up a trilogy the stories, Return of the Jedi is simply barely much longer than the previous two movies in the original trilogy, clocking in in ~ 131 minutes.

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Return the the Jedi is the more battle-heavy film out of the first three in the saga, however it additionally features many of heart and also humor ~ above Endor through the Ewoks, and romance in Han and Leia"s blossoming relationship, and also redemption in Vader"s heroic sacrifice.

8 Rogue One - 133 minutes

The an initial of the movies to diverge from the key narrative the the Skywalker saga, Rogue One: A Star wars Story to be an experiment for Star Wars in every feasible way, even though it come in simply barely much longer than the last original film at 133 minutes.

A true war movie an ext than any kind of of its predecessors had actually been, Rogue One crams that is 133-minute runtime with as many fight scenes and military planning scenes as possible, bring about a comparatively brisk runtime the sill manages to feel overly long.

The following standalone film, Solo: A Star battles Story, remains a hot switch issue among fans, provided its trivial performance and the difficulties that emerged during that is production. However in contrast with Rogue OneSolo"s fun heist movie vibe do its 135-minute runtime certain breeze by.

Featuring Alden Ehrenreich act the best he possibly might in stepping right into Harrison Ford"s incredibly large shoes, and also Donald Glover as a revelation together the young Lando Calrissian, Solo is a movie the deserves so much far better than what it got.

6 The Phantom Menace - 136 minutes

We"re going come be honest here: The Phantom Menace"s 136-minute runtime, though center of the road in state of size for the saga, can just feeling the longest the end of every the movies on this list. The movie is heavily weighted down by some bizarre sequences, including adventures in Otoh Gunga.

But nothing strains the attention expectations or enjoyability of this movie fairly in the method the bizarrely long and also absurdly comprehensive podracing succession does. The movie additionally represents the first real advent of politics right into the saga, something that only boosts the snooze factor.

The very first film that the sequel trilogy, The force Awakens, may have actually been greatly thematically motivated by the original trilogy, but it take it a web page from the prequel trilogy"s publications when it involved embracing a longer runtime.

Clocking in at 138 minutes, the film properly introduces fans both old and new to the brand-new world order of the galaxy; offers an essential insight to new significant players Rey, Kylo Ren, and also Finn; and also features welcome return of beloved characters like Han and also Leia. Yet then there space sequences, choose the Rathtar and also Kanjiklub debacle, that can easily have been removed for the services of speeding things up a little.

4 Revenge that the Sith - 140 minutes

The 3rd and last film in the prequel trilogy, Revenge that the Sith, had actually some of the heaviest lifting to do in the background of the saga. The film was responsible for showing the demise of the Jedi Order, the loss of Anakin Skywalker, and the rise of Darth Vader and the empire from what Anakin and Palpatine left behind.

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Clocking in in ~ 140 minutes, the film manages come fit in everything it needs to - and also more. As soon as again, the politics prove to it is in the the very least well-written part of the film, though they are perhaps an ext necessary here given the creation of the Empire.

Slightly much longer than both other films in the prequel trilogy, Attack the the Clones comes in through a runtime of 142 minutes. Yet sadly, an ext than any type of other movie in the entire Star Wars saga, much of this film is a complete bore.

Whether in that is explorations that politics, or its productive attempts to do the audience care about Anakin and also Padme"s naive young romance, Attack of the Clones flounders. It"s not until the final act, and the culminating battle that unifies every the Jedi against a usual enemy, that the film in reality feels like it"s relocating at a great pace.

2 The rise of Skywalker - 142 minutes

though we may not understand what"s in store for united state in the final film in the Skywalker saga, we do understand this: The climb of Skywalker is posed come come in as the second-longest film in franchise history, simply slightly much longer than Attack of the Clones by a couple of seconds.

The expectations are high for this film, as it represents not just the conclusion that the sequel trilogy, however the nine-film series that is the Skywalker saga. That will rise? who will fall? will the light next or dark side reign supreme? we don"t know. Yet we"ll have actually 142 minutes to find out.

The longest Star Wars movie to date is, no coincidentally, the most ambitious and controversial film in the background of the franchise. Rian Johnson"s stunning The last Jedi clocks in at an exceptional 152-minute runtime - end two and also a fifty percent hours of Star Wars that nonetheless never when slows down or feels anything less than a perfect thrill ride.

The film provides much-needed resolution and also answers to some of the numerous questions collection up by its predecessor, including the reality of Luke"s whereabouts, the factor for Kylo Ren"s fall, and also the nature the Rey"s identity. It likewise introduces many brand-new characters, including Rose Tico, Amilyn Holdo, and everyone"s favorite, porgs.

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