I"ve functioned in bars before and also swore the we had actually the exact same bottle of B&B forever (not the B&B crowd), so ns was wondering how long liquor was great ... Go it have an expiration date?

I would favor to start structure a bar, yet I don"t drink that much. I choose to buy pretty things, but I would prefer them to last a while. Because that instance, as soon as I visited France, we went to the grand Mariner distillery & ns bought a (most exorbitant

) bottle of Cuvee du Centenaire and also Cherry Mariner. Together wonderful as these soul are, they will not it is in finished for a long time.

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Hard soul such as rum, gin, vodka and also whiskey and brandy have actually no expiration date. Keep them in a cool place, but to protect against evaporation.

With brandy and also rum and some liqueurs you need to be a little bit much more careful due to the fact that they have contents in castle that deserve to oxidize, so make certain that the bottles space corked tightly once not gift used. Heat is obviously other you must avoid of with liqueurs.

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Here"s a few I understand about...

From what I"ve read, most fruit based liqueurs have to be consumed in ~ 6 months or for this reason after opening. My bottle of Chambord even had a warning consisted of in the box. I m sorry reminds me, it"s around time for a kir royale...

Homemade fruit liqueurs might last a year or two unopened. Lock will most likely fade quicker than commercial liqueur when uncorked. Relying on proof, it"s likewise probably not a bad idea to store these refrigerated ~ opening.

The herbal liqueurs choose Benedictine and also Chartreuse keep much better. I"m not sure what the usual sense time limit for lock is. Unopened, they keep practically forever.

Since they room basically simply flavored wine, aperetifs like Vermouth and Lillet have to be refrigerated as soon as opened and also consumed relatively quickly.

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Given their alcohol content, most won"t walk bad, the seasonings will just fade. Heat and oxidation are the huge enemies.