I only recently started drinking (and enjoying) beer. I studied abroad in Amsterdam and the beer society there ~changed~ me. Because moving ~ above from mine strictly wine and cocktails days, I"ve had a lot of of catching up to carry out in order come learn about the beer world.

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I"ve gained a pretty good handle top top the different types of beer and beer lingo, yet there are other questions that ns still feel the must dig into more. Because that example, does beer walk bad? I watch that beers have actually expiration dates, but I"m not sure what those days mean. It"s alcohol, which way it can"t expire, right? 

Turns out, beer does go bad. Here are some key warning indications that her six pack is a tiny sickly.

1. That smells choose a skunk


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some beers, like Heineken, space bottled in fancy bottles and also therefore frequently get skunky, which civilization tend come enjoy. Therefore, skunky beer is sometimes not indicative of a bad beer, i m sorry is pretty damn confusing.

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2. It tastes stale


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Until you open it, your beer shouldn"t have come into call with any type of oxygen. Early contact with oxygen is referred to as oxidation and it results in a stale, cardboard-like taste. This is why the Natty irradiate you drink in ~ frat parties tastes even more bland than usual. A keg left tapped because that too long is a surefire method to oxidize your beer. 

3. The tastes choose popcorn

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Unless you"re drinking a funky craft brew that"s claimed to taste choose a movie theater snack, her beer need to not taste favor popcorn. Diacetyl is a buttery-flavored link that"s produced in virtually every beer fermentation. 

Exposure to too much diacetyl is actually really dangerous for your lungs, yet luckily the amount of the flavoring in beer is not close to that level. Still, it"s not something girlfriend want lots of in your beer.

4. It has a weird taste (like cabbage or sewage)


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Despite the truth that there are tons of weird beer flavors out there, it need to be pretty clear if the flavor you"re tasting is no intentional. Some usual flavors that deserve to indicate a poor beer are cooked cabbage, sewage, sulphur, or just an abnormally tart taste.