Bernie Madoff—the architect the the biggest Ponzi scheme in history—has died in federal prison at the period of 82, according to many reports Wednesday.

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Accused Ponzi scheme swindler boy name Madoff exits federal court march 10, 2009, in new York City.

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Madoff died at FMC Butner prison in north Carolina of natural causes, which are not thought to be regarded Covid-19, according to the Washington Post.

Madoff pleaded guilty come 11 felonies in 2009, through prosecutors estimating that defrauded about $65 exchange rate from his clients.

He to be sentenced to 150 year in commonwealth prison for crimes judge Denny Chin described as “extraordinary evil” and beyond comparison to any other white-collar crime in history.

Madoff had actually been experiencing from kidney disease and requested an early release from jail last year—saying he had actually less 보다 18 month to live—but Chin refuse his release.

The initiative came after Madoff petitioned previous President Donald Trump to commute his sentence in 2019.

Key Background

The border of Madoff"s crimes shocked and also infuriated the American public during the country"s biggest economic downturn due to the fact that the good Depression. Significant celebrity investors in Madoff"s hedge fund—like Steven Spielberg, Kevin Bacon and John Malkovich—brought additional attention to the case. Madoff insurance claims he began the scheme in the 1990s, saying the was the critical time he actively traded, and also all returns he reported due to the fact that that time to be made up. Prosecutors to speak the fraud started earlier—likely start in the 1970s. In any kind of case, Madoff’s fraud remained mostly undetected till the financial crisis of the so late 2000s. Number of members that Madoff"s family were associated in his hedge fund, though they claimed to have actually no expertise it was a Ponzi scheme. His 2 sons—Mark and Andrew Madoff—confronted your father ~ above December 10, 2008, end a setup to offer bonuses to employees ahead the schedule in December 2008, wherein the elder Madoff admitted his business was based upon a lie and also was collapsing as markets plummeted. The brothers went to the police, and also Bernie Madoff was arrested the next day. Mark Madoff hanged himself in his Manhattan apartment top top December 11, 2010—two years to the work after his father’s arrest. Andrew Madoff passed away of lymphoma in 2014—blaming the return of his cancer ~ above stress led to by his father’s crimes.

Big Number

38,000. That’s roughly how many people were victimized by Madoff and included in the department of Justice’s Madoff Victim Fund.

Crucial Quote

“No various other white-collar case is comparable in terms of the scope, duration and also enormity the the fraud and also the degree of the betrayal,” Chin said throughout Madoff’s 2009 sentencing.


Madoff reportedly developed a nearby friendship at his phibìc Carolina prison v Carmine Persico—the notorious boss of new York City’s Colombo crime family. Persico passed away in 2019.

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