Expecting Amy is a hilarious and also raw 360-degree look at a new stage in Amy Schumer’s life. This unfiltered three-part documentary shows the struggle, strength, and also ambition that have actually made Schumer among the singular comic voices of all time. The docuseries takes viewers behind-the-scenes together Amy battles through an extraordinarily challenging pregnancy, if documenting the formation of her recent comedy special. Native hospitalizations, come going out in prior of thousands, come quiet moments at home with her family, Schumer hides nothing. V her family and also friends along for the ride to assistance her and keep her sane and also balanced, Amy does that all v perseverance, heart, and also the priceless feeling of humor she’s well-known for.

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In 2015, Schumer’s Universal pictures filmTrainwreck(2015) dominated the worldwide box office together the hit summer comedy. Schumer went on to star in the 20thCentury Fox filmSnatched(2017), and star and produce the STX comedyI feeling Pretty(2018).Her podcast,Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith,premiered its 5th season top top Spotify this past March, and also she also premiered a new cooking show,Amy Schumer Learns to Cook,this past may with she husband, kris Fischer, that is one award-winning chief on the Food Network.

Up next:Love, Beth, a comedy series via Hulu i beg your pardon Schumer will certainly star in, write, direct, and executive produce; and Stephen Karam’sThe Humans.



Recently Hammer was nominated through the Cinema Eye Honors because that his job-related onHomecoming: A film by Beyoncé, which winner the Grammy for finest Music Film. He has actually served together Beyoncé’s editor for a variety of jobs ranging from her feature length intuitive albums (Lemonade, self-titledBeyoncé,4), interactivevisuals, and also subsequent concert movies for her human being tours (Formation,On the Run,Mrs. Carter) and also documentary (Life is but a Dream). He continues to work with artists such as Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Jay-Z, Madonna, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, garnering several MTV VMA nominations and one win.Hammer proceeds to job-related on original and effective branded entertainment, multimedia campaigns and innovative contents for brands favor Nike, Rag & Bone, L"Oréal, and H&M, and also for fashion designers like Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, and also others.

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Being pregnant is stressful enough. Sit earlier and listen to a mix inspired by the brand-new HBO Max Original, Expecting Amy.