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The Packers won"t it is in trading Aaron Rodgers in 2020 after ~ drafting Jordan Love in the first round. They merely cannot bought to execute so. Yet after stashing the No. 26 as whole pick, the inquiry is, once is the more quickly they can replace their elite future room of fame quarterback through whom castle think will be your future long-term franchise passer?

NFL contracts aren"t constantly what they it seems ~ in terms of years and money invest in a player. The exact same case uses to the deal for Rodgers, wherein the Packers aren"t fully committed to its an extensive duration. 

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With the surprise an option of Love, green Bay has actually put right into motion thoughts of replacing Rodgers the didn"t exist prior to the draft. Before knowing as soon as they can go forward in executing a sequence plan, right here are the details you have to know around Rodgers" present contract:

How lengthy is Aaron Rodgers" contract v the Packers?

Rodgers, 36, critical signed an expansion with eco-friendly Bay in respectable 2018. That is signed v the 2023 season, once he will turn 40 the December.

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According come Spotrac, the four-year deal has a full value of $133 million, through a total guarantee of $98.7 million, consisting of $79.2 million guarantee at signing. Rodgers gets $11.5 in roster bonuses every year through 2022 and $500,000 in workout bonuses through 2023. 

Adding it all up, Rodgers makes on typical $33.25 million a season, regardless of having an main base value of $1.55 million for the 2020 season. The number ties that for fourth in the NFL through the Rams" Jared Goff and also puts the behind two other quarterbacks, the Seahawks" Russell Wilson and also the Steelers" Ben Roethlisberger.

What room Aaron Rodgers" salary cap numbers because that his contract?

Because of the way his contract is structured, Rodgers has actually a cap number of $21.642 million for 2020, but also with substantial dead money of $51.148 million. If they walk the impossible and also cut him, the Packers would shed $29.5 million come the cap. Trading the would price them more than $24 million in lid space, based on what he"s already earned because that 2020.

That math quickly says Rodgers, coming off a rejuvenated 13-3 season, is much cheaper and much more valuable to keep than to move this season. However the Packers make the move on Love v 2021 and also beyond in mind.

For 2021, Rodgers, through his base salary going up to $14.7 million, carries a bigger cap variety of $36.352 million and also still substantially high dead money the $31.556 million. The Packers would certainly still take a big hit on Rodgers" salary with a trade, yet in the year they can develop $4.796 million in cap room vs. Greatly gobbling up an ext room.

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When deserve to the Packers get out of Aaron Rodgers" contract?

Green just can first feasibly think about this in 2022. That"s once Rodgers will certainly earn a much more functional base salary of $25 million and also carry a cap variety of $39.852 million. V the dead money dropping under to $17.202 million, the Packers can then eat that a lot less complicated knowing they would save more than $22 million under the cap, too.

Love is a promising prospect, but it"s clear he demands time to develop. Having actually two complete seasons to decide on even if it is he have the right to replace Rodgers renders a most sense. This gives Green only a chance to check out whether Rodgers have the right to maintain his excellence or have a decline because the age, confirming the change to Love.

Although Rodgers waited 3 years to take over for Brett Favre when he to be drafted in the first round in 2005, the adjust to a an ext team-friendly slotted rookie value structure method that"s too long to wait ~ above a prospect now. If the Packers think in Love, they should want to see what he can do in Year 3, timed when they deserve to save substantial money on Rodgers.

Love"s four-year all-guaranteed transaction is worth $12.3 million, making the a bargain backup to Rodgers for now. There"s a club choice for Love in 2024, but by the finish of 2022 the Packers need to know whether they have to make the huge second contract investment or restructure Rodgers" deal ahead the him turning 39.

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Rodgers will gain his chance to try to lead green Bay come a 2nd Super key in the next two years. But with Love waiting, he"ll have to fuel his an inspiration and deliver a spike earlier to his prime to have any shot of playing all the way through his present contract.