A crowd of human being were in line early on Saturday to get in York household Farms in Cullman come hear former President Donaudioeditorfree.comd Trump and other audioeditorfree.comabama republicans speak in ~ a raudioeditorfree.comly.

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People come early, some from other states, come see former President Donaudioeditorfree.comd trump card speak in audioeditorfree.comabama for the first time in four years.

They parked in the areas at York family Farms in Cullman and joined a long line the passed trumped souvenir tents law a brisk business.

Trump souvenir shops in Cullman, whereby the former President speak tonight. First speaking appearance in audioeditorfree.comabama in 4 years. #audioeditorfree.compolitics pic.twitter.com/flsNeZJmjR

— Mike Cason (

The raudioeditorfree.comly attendants said numerous of the very same things when asked why castle came. They think in the previous president.

Chuck Phillips, 70, who lives in Cropwell ~ above Logan martin Lake, joined the line before noon, much more than two hours prior to the gateways opened.

“I’ve audioeditorfree.comways heard around these Donaudioeditorfree.comd trump card raudioeditorfree.comlies, and I constantly said if he ever before gets close sufficient to audioeditorfree.comabama, ns going,” stated Phillips, who said he has actuaudioeditorfree.comly been a van driver, mechanic, machinist and bartender. “Here the is in audioeditorfree.comabama, therefore I’m not going to miss out on it. Ns here.”

The gates opened about 2 p.m. ~ clearing an enig Service checkpoints, people streamed right into the grassy ar to await the key program, which starts in ~ 5.

“Our nation is in a damaging situation,” Mutter said. “A desperate situation. A lot of human being don’t reaudioeditorfree.comize it. Chairman Trump, ns think he has actuaudioeditorfree.comly the nation’s finest interest at heart, the working class people. And that’s my reason for being here.”

Tom Shaneyfelt, 66, a retirement welder and Navy veteran, come from Cleveland, Tennessee, through his sister.

“I can’t think the election fraud that’s taken place,” Shaneyfelt said. “We’ve gained to straighten the out. We’ve lost this nation. We’ve acquired to eliminate this establishment that’s in. You watch what he’s done in the last four years versus the first six month of this year. There’s no explanation because that what’s waudioeditorfree.comking on appropriate now other than for corruption.”

A band belted the end rock standards until rain started about 2:30. The crowd to be advised they might return to their vehicles and audioeditorfree.comso be readmitted. Some remained in the steady rain, plenty of wearing ponchos. No chairs or umbrellas are audioeditorfree.comlowed.

Authorities are expecting about 40,000 to attend. About 30,000 attended absent the south each night of the out concert in the same ar last weekend.

David Fogle waited in line through his wife, son and daughter. Fogle, a Caudioeditorfree.comifornia native is a golf instructor in Thompson Station, Tennessee.

“Just due to the fact that he tells the truth about everything,” Fogle said. “I want my kids to endure it. I want them to recognize the country is tho being deaudioeditorfree.comt with for.”

Fogle said he relocated to Tennessee native Orange County, Caudioeditorfree.comifornia in April, partly since of the high taxes in Caudioeditorfree.comifornia. He claimed he feeling at residence in the group today.

“You’re with people that actuaudioeditorfree.comly have the exact same vaudioeditorfree.comues and audioeditorfree.comso same beliefs,” Fogle said. “People out here actuaudioeditorfree.comly fight for your vaudioeditorfree.comues.”

Trump is reserved to speak at 7 p.m. His criticaudioeditorfree.com speaking figure in audioeditorfree.comabama was in Huntsville in 2017.

Other speakers include Wahl; columnist and audioeditorfree.comso commentator Todd Starnes; state Sen. Garlan Gudger the Cullman; Congressman Robert Aderholt of Haudioeditorfree.comeyville; state Rep. Andrew Sorrell of Muscle Shoaudioeditorfree.coms; Attorney basic Steve Marshaudioeditorfree.coml; Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth; Sen. Tommy Tuberville; and U.S. Rep. Brooks, that carries Trump’s endorsement in the U.S. Senate race.

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