You can be wondering if that new minivan you have your eye on will fit in her garage or parking space. After all, this are large vehicles with loads of space on the within – they room bound come be longer than most continuous cars, right? Well, we are below to help you answer that an extremely question. By combing through assorted sources, including each manufacturer’s website, we have thoroughly researched the lengths the not only the basic models of each existing model year minivan but each trim level together well. We would certainly hate to have you to buy a trim level that measures in different way than what friend expected! analysis through few of these measurements, you could just it is in surprised in ~ what you have the right to fit in your garage!

Lengths of every 2020 Minivans:

Chrysler Pacifica:

(All trims): 203.8 inches

Dodge Caravan:

SE, SE Plus: 202.8 inches

SXT: 203.7 inches

Ford Transit affix Wagon:

(Extended Wheelbase ): 190 inches

(Short Wheelbase ): 174.2 inches

Honda Odyssey:

(All trims): 203.2 inches

Kia Sedona:

(All trims): 201.4 inches

Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van:

Standard Wheelbase: 202.4 inches

Toyota Sienna:

LE, XLE, Limited: 200.6

SE: 200.3

Okay, currently that we know that an easy information, we deserve to really dig into the topic. Let’s sheathe the basics of each minivan’s length before covering some connected topics.

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Minivan Length

As you can see from the measurements listed, virtually all modern-day minivans re-superstructure a very similar length the somewhere in between 200 and 203 inches, with the Ford Transit connect falling far external of the range. Here, us have detailed all of the existing minivans in order of shortest to longest all at once length.

Ford Transit affix Wagon

 174.2 inches come 190 inches

With a minimum length of simply 174.2 inches, a Ford Transit attach can in reality be much shorter than a Honda Civic. And even the prolonged wheelbase version, at 190 inches, is shorter than a Honda Accord. This provides the Transit connect one basic minivan to journey around, and also it should fit in just about any garage.

Of course, the tradeoff is inner space. The Ford cannot offer the same second- or third-row legroom as any type of of the competitors, not to point out total cargo capacity (either 77.6 or 106 cubic feet, total). Still, for someone who just wants a tiny van through sliding behind doors that have the right to seat up to 7 people, the Transit have to be on your list.

Toyota Sienna

200.3 to 200.6 inches


The Toyota Sienna has actually not received a significant update due to the fact that 2010. Maybe that is why it is the second-shortest van on this list and the shortest classic minivan. Other, newer, offerings favor the Odyssey and also Pacifica measure up a pair of inches much longer than the Toyota. And also the sportier Sienna SE trim level come in an even shorter package, many thanks to its stylish human body lines.

While contemporary shoppers appear to crave a slightly much longer box for their new minivans, Toyota’s aging architecture comes in handy for anyone with parking constraints. And also you will certainly hardly notice the much shorter package ~ above the inside together the Sienna supplies 150 cubic feet that cargo room behind the first row, 87.1 behind the second, and 39.1 behind the third.

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Kia Sedona

201.4 inches

The Kia Sedona is currently in its 3rd generation, and its 201.4-inch length puts the mid-pack among the competition. That sweet spot, in conjunction with its cheaper price, renders it a minivan worth considering.

Even though it boasts secondary inch in size over the Sienna, however, the Kia Sedona stops working to sell as lot cargo space. Follow to, the Sedona only has actually 142 cubic feet of as whole cargo room and just 33.9 behind the third row.

Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van

202.4 inches

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is another reasonably unconventional minivan option. Like the Sedona, this newcomer hits the mid-range mark as far as length is concerned. The is also noticeably an ext van-like than many of the various other vehicles here, which could be a good or poor thing, relying on what you’re after.

One advantage is the Mercedes has managed to cram lots of cargo room into that 2o2.4-inch exterior. In fact, with 186 cubic inch of obtainable cargo capacity, this is the many spacious minivan on ours list. That provides it a great option for anyone who is searching for the best bang for your buck once it involves interior room.

Dodge cool Caravan 

202.8 to 203.7 inches


Dodge’s Caravan is one more entry v multiple lengths to consider. Many trim levels come in in ~ the 202.8-inch mark. Opt for the SXT, however, and that length stretches come 203.7, thanks to part revised exterior styling.

That provides the aging Dodge cool Caravan among the longest top top the list. And also that’s rather surprising, considering it is also the oldest design on here, having actually debuted way, means back in 2008. With simply 140 cubic inch of interior cargo space, however, the dodge is no making the many of that length.

Honda Odyssey

203.2 inches

The Honda Odyssey was provided a total update in 2018, do it among the freshest minivans on the market. That refresh contains a rather long 203.3-inch in its entirety length. That could pose some problems for length-conscious consumers.

Honda, together always, has actually made the most of the length, however, for this reason it really is an asset because that shoppers looking for the many space, nevertheless of the exterior dimensions. Through up to 158 cubic feet of overall cargo room behind the first row, 92 behind the second, and 38.6 behind the third, this is one spacious people hauler.

Chrysler Pacifica 

203.8 inches

As the longest minivan ~ above the market, Chrysler’s sleek and modern-day Pacifica marks the finish of our list. In ~ .5 inches longer than the Odyssey, the Pacifica should be her last selection if you space trying come maximize your garage space, or if her priority is a auto that deserve to fit in the the smallest of city parking spaces.


Those in search of the most interior space should likewise keep looking, as several models boast an ext room inside than Pacifica’s 140 cubic inches. The doesn’t median this Chrysler doesn’t have much come offer, however, as numerous reviewers have rated the the best-performing minivan in to compare tests.

How long is That?

Knowing the lengths that all present minivans on sale is an excellent for comparing lock to each other, however what do those lengths yes, really mean? Well, to placed those numbers in some perspective, right here are the lengths of some of the most popular vehicles on the roadway today:

Ford F150 Supercrew: 231.9 to 243.7 inches

Chevy Suburban: 224.4 inches

Chevy Tahoe: 204 inches

Toyota Camry: 192.1 come 192.7 inches

Chevy Equinox: 183.1 inches

Toyota Rav4: 180.9 to 181.5 inches

Is a Minivan an oversized Vehicle?

So, can you park this minivans in a spot designated for oversized vehicles? No, they aren’t the big.

According to, an oversized auto is one the exceeds either 85 customs in height, 80 customs in width, or twenty feet (240 inches) in length. Nobody of the vehicles ~ above this perform exceed any kind of of those measurements.

Is it tough to journey – and Park – a Minivan?

Will you battle with the dimension of a minivan? Well, it’s all relative – depending on what you are provided to driving, a minivan may seem little or big. Compared to a half-ton pickup or many truck-based SUVs (Ford Expedition, Chevy Suburbans and the like), minivans and their car-based chassis will certainly seem downright nimble. That’s since of the relatively short length and tight turning circles contemporary minivans offer.

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If, however, you are offered to piloting smaller cars prefer a Toyota Corolla or Subaru Impreza, however, jumping up to a minivan will certainly take some acquiring used to. Come maximize space, minivans have tendency to have actually long wheelbases contrasted to SUVs and cars. That way that tight parking lot of maneuvers will seem daunting for anyone not provided to driving a vehicle of this size. Ultimately, however, a minivan’s size should not pose a difficulty for any type of competent driver after ~ a quick break-in period.

Find the Perfect Van

Using our list of minivans and also their lengths, girlfriend should have the ability to narrow under which models will work ideal for you. There are plenty of other components to consider, of course, yet a car that is too long deserve to be a deal-breaker no matter what kinds of functions or incentives they offer. Hopefully, you can soon discover the ideal van for your purposes and also enjoy all of that wonderful room and convenience that few other vehicles can match!