How much is a click? Or how much is a klick? The military frequently use jargon that civilians room unfamiliar with. The expression klick is among those terms the the bulk of citizens have actually never heard of. Klick is part of a military metric device that goes ago to civilization War I and also is tho widely used in all branches of the armed forces today.

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How much is a klick? How much is a click?

The army uses the word Klick to describe one kilometer, 1,000 meters, 0.6214 miles, or 3,280.84 feet. A kilometre is a unit of measure up in the metric mechanism that specifies the length of a details distance. We use kilometers come represent details distances anywhere over the world; however, miles are used rather of kilometers in the united States and also some locations of the unified Kingdom.

Since human being War I, as soon as the British and Americans battled versus the French, who employed the metric mechanism to calculation distances, they have used metric solution in different activities. The term kilometre has become a usual component of armed forces jargon in the United states as a an outcome of our cooperation with the French.

All maps used by NATO members have been compliant v the NATO Standardization Agreements since the organization"s formation. Armed forces members the NATO utilize their very own mapping device to identify various areas on the globe to the closestly meter. In addition to klicks, or kilometers, this an approach employs kilometers as a measure up unit.


History of the klick

Since civilization War I, the armed forces of the joined States and also the unified Kingdom have utilized the metric equipment while conducting joint operations with the French, who likewise use the metric system. The maps were produced by the French, and also after people War I, the ax "kilometer" entered the armed forces lexicon of the joined States.

From words "kilometer," the ax "klick" was coined. Together a result, one kilometre is identical to one klick.

Since WWII and also the development of NATO, every maps created and also used by NATO nations need to adhere come the NATO Standardization Agreements. The armed forces Grid Reference mechanism (MGRS) is a mapping system standard provided by NATO military pressures to determine locations ~ above the planet to the nearest meter.

The hatchet "klick" is a usual measure of walking distances among military personnel. Once a soldier radios, "We"re 10 klicks southern of her position," they are referring come a distance of 10 kilometers, or 6.2 miles.


The elevation contour lines on most global maps are additionally measured in meters.

Australian forces would track their motions by adjusting the gas regulator on one Australian standard-issue military rifle ten times to equal 1000 meters.

Non-military use of words "click"

When sighting in a weapon, such together a rifle, the phrase "click" (spelled v a "c" rather of a "k") is employed. One "click" on most weapons represents one minute that arc, or, in other words, one inch of street at 100 yards. Relocating the rifle"s sight adjustments "one-click" will modify the allude of affect for a target 100 yards away by one inch, two inches because that a target 200 yards away, and also so on.

One Minute of angle (MOA) in ~ 100 yards is yes, really a little an ext than one inch (There space 360 levels in a circle, and also each level is separation into 60 minutes). At 100 yards, one level measures 62.83 inches if us round to the closestly 1/100 of one inch. One MOA, or 1/60 of one inch, is 1.047 inches, although rounding it to the nearest inch helps for rapid calculations. The word derives native the clicking sound the occurs once the sight adjustment knobs room adjusted.

Longitude and also latitude vs. Network coordinates


The longitude and also latitude technique is still used on some American maps, and it is likewise used ~ above the water.

The MGRS, which is measure in meters, is used by the united state military, while the Latitude and also Longitude room measured in state miles.

Other usual military distance terms

Here space other usual military street terms:

Nautical miles

A nautical mile is a unit that distance used in space, air, and also maritime navigation, and also for creating territorial seas. ~ above the one of the globe, one nautical mile equates to 1.852 kilometers or 1,852 meters. It"s also the very same as a minute of latitude.


A knot is a unit of rate equal to one nautical mile per hour, or 1.852 kilometers every mile, the is supplied in aviation and also nautical army branches.


A kiloyard is a length measurement equal to 1,000 yards (914 meters). Back this unit of measure is no much longer widely used, specific military divisions continue to describe 1,000 yards together a kiloyard.


Velocity is a word supplied to describe the speed of a projectile, such together a pellet, bullet, or slug, together measured in relationship to the muzzle together it exit the gun"s barrel. This technique of measuring is generally used by the army to define the capabilities of assorted weapons. Artillery guns, for example, have a low velocity as soon as the velocity is less than 762 m/s, and also a high velocity as soon as the velocity is in between 914 m/s and 1,067 m/s. As soon as the velocity that tank firearms is in between 472 m/s and also 1,021 m/s, they have a high velocity.


Longitude is a indigenous that describes the upright lines that connect the world"s North and South poles. The longitude the a ar is identified as the edge formed in between the element Meridian and also a vertical allude between the north and also south poles.


The horizontal lines that run parallel to the Equator are described as latitude. Levels are provided to denote latitudes, and each degree is approximately 69 miles long.


A furlong is a unit that measurement. 220 yards, approximately a 4 minutes 1 of a mile.


A pole is an old English measurement because that a street of 16.5 feet or 5.5 years that is occasionally used in the military.

What is a klick in army terms?

When introduce to aklick in the military, it refers to a human sighting in a weapon and also is supplied to indicate a minute of an arc. Since rifle rounds perform not relocate in a straight line, this ax is most often associated with sighting-in guns.

Rather, gravity dictates that you walk in the shape of one arc. The procedure that sighting-in describes adjusting the shooter"s sight to win the target at a certain range.

A armed forces soldier, for example, might sight in his gun to strike a target at 200 yards.

What"s MGRS?

The armed forces Grid Reference device (MGRS) is a geocoordinate mechanism used through NATO to find various locations on the globe. The universal Polar Stereographic net system and also the global Transverse Mercator grid device were an unified to develop this system.

Military members will certainly be noted or produce an MGRS coordinate, likewise known as a grid reference, which is composed of three components: the net zone designator, the 100,000-meter square identifier, and also the numerical location, while utilizing the MGRS. 4QFJ34891234, for example, is an MGRS coordinate.

One meter, ten meters, one hundreds meters, 1,000 meters, and 10,000 meters are among the measure up precisions supported by the military Grid referral System. The lower the meter quantity represented by the MGRS coordinate, the fewer numbers will certainly be consisted of in the coordinate.

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