The 1995 Washington legislature happen a legislation requiring obligated Alcohol Server maintain (MAST) because that managers, servers, bartenders and other employees that serve alcohol or supervise the revenue of alcohol for on-premise usage at liquor-licensed establishments.

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You are required to gain the suitable MAST allow within 60 work of hire. However, if you space an employee the a grocery keep with a wine and beer tasting endorsement and also will it is in conducting the tastings, you must acquire a class 12 permit immediately. For more information on server training, check out the WSLCB MAST Brochure.

Class 12 is a mixologist allow for managers, bartenders and also anyone else that mixes drinks through alcohol or draws from a tap, and also is 21 year old. Anyone with a class 12 permit is likewise authorized to carry out duties included in the class 13 permit. Every establishment where alcohol is consumed on the premises must have at the very least one course 12 allow holder ~ above duty.

Class 13 is a server allow for servers and ID checkers who space at the very least 18 years old and also carry alcohol to customers or open beer and also wine and also pour it into a glass in ~ the customer’s table. Course 13 allow holders can not mix drinks or attract beer or wine from a tap.

All classes, whether virtual or in a classroom setting, need to be at the very least 3 hours. You may take the course in one sit or login and also logout together you pick to complete the course. The American safety and security Council system will save your progress when you logout. When you begin the last exam, friend must end up it in one sitting. There is no time limit to complete the course. You may take as lengthy as needed.

At the end of each module, there will certainly be a quiz the you have to score 80% to proceed on through the course. You can take the quizzes as plenty of times together you like. At the end of the course over there is a final exam.

As you are going with the course, feel totally free to go earlier and review any kind of of the info that has currently been covered. However, when you start the exam, you will certainly NOT have the ability to go ago and review any kind of of the material. You have actually one attempt to complete the exam and also must effectively answer 80% the the concerns to get your permit.

Upon effective completion of this course, American security Council will certainly report her course completion to the Washington State Liquor and also Cannabis Board. Your permit will be mailed come you in ~ the resolve you entered when girlfriend registered because that the course. If you perform not receive your allow within 30 days, call American safety and security Council at 1-800-972-5654. If girlfriend still execute not get it, call the WSLCB MAST Coordinator at 360-664-1727.

MAST Permits space valid because that 5 years. Come renew your permit, you should take the course again prior to your allow expires. Friend can inspect to check out if her MAST permit is still valid by visiting the WSLCB MAST permit Checker website and also entering one of two people your complete name and date of bear or her permit number.

If you lose your valid MAST Permit, friend must finish an Affidavit of shed or instead of Mixologist/Server Permit and mail it with a $5.00 check made the end to WSLCB. Remit to: WSLCB MAST Coordinator, P.O. Box 43098, Olympia, WA 98504-3098. Girlfriend may likewise contact your course provider to achieve a instead of permit.

The American safety Council course is totally on their servers. That is viewed and taken completely in your browser. Many any modern computer through a existing version of net Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari will play the course simply fine.


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