Governor Phil Murphy ended up being the an initial Democrat to win a second term in new Jersey in nearly five decades, ~ the associated Press referred to as the gyeongju for Murphy. 

The win marks Murphy"s second and critical consecutive term. 

Murphy was projected to conveniently beat Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli, yet the gyeongju was too close to contact on choice Day and the slow and also problematic counting procedure continued Wednesday.

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The lead flip-flopped in between Murphy and also Ciattarelli so numerous times the it came to be hard to save track of who was ahead. But the AP referred to as the gyeongju Wednesday evening. The tally from democratic strongholds brought Murphy to the narrow win.

Murphy"s victory marked at the very least one because that Democrats, who were dealt number of crushing blows nationally. In Virginia, Republican glenn Youngkin defeated Democratic incumbent terry McAuliffe in a state that President Joe Biden won simply two years ago.

With the win, Murphy, a previous Goldman Sachs banker and also U.S. Ambassador come Germany, ended up being the an initial Democrat to success four more years in office since Brendan Byrne accomplished the feat in 1977. Because that the longest time, brand-new Jersey voters elected and reelected republicans after democratic incumbents were defeated. 

How numerous terms can a governor serve in NJ? 

A branch in brand-new Jersey offer a four-year term and can serve any variety of terms, yet he or she can"t serve much more than 2 consecutive terms.

What about in other states?

Gubernatorial term borders are either life time or consecutive and also can be based on years or state served. 

Consecutive ax limits

Consecutive way that when a governor has actually served the maximum variety of years or terms, the or she must leave the governor"s office. In most cases, the person have the right to run for one more elected position, according to 

After a duration of time out of the governor"s office, usually four years, the person can run again.

In 28 states, including new Jersey, the borders are consecutive. This method Murphy could run for governor again at some suggest in the future.

The 28 says that have actually consecutive state are:

AlabamaAlaskaArizonaColorado FloridaGeorgiaHawaiiKansasKentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandNebraskaNew JerseyNew MexicoNorth CarolinaOhioPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennessee West Virginia

Lifetime hatchet limits

In eight states, the ax for branch is lifetime. This method that after a governor has actually served the maximum allowable number of terms, that person can not operation again for governor.

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The says with lifetime borders are:

Arkansas (2 lifetime term limit)California (2 lifetime term limit)Delaware (2 lifetime term limit)Indiana (8 out of 12 year limit) Michigan (2 life time term limit)Mississippi (2 lifetime term limit)Missouri (2 lifetime term limit)Montana (8 the end of 16 year limit)Nevada (2 lifetime term limit)Oklahoma (2 lifetime term limit)Oregon (8 the end of 12 year limit)Wyoming (8 out of 16 year limit)

No hatchet limits, yet with 2 year terms

Two states have actually no hatchet limits, yet the governor have the right to only serve 2 year terms. Those are:

New Hampshire Vermont

No continually terms

Virginia is the one state in the nation that does not permit its branch to offer consecutive terms.

No term limits

The adhering to states have actually no hatchet limits:

ConnecticutIdahoIllinois IowaMassachusettsMinnesotaNew YorkNorth DakotaTexasUtahWashingtonWisconsin
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