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Average direct flight time10 hrs 1 minsCheapest direct return flight$384Flights every week25Airlines that fly direct

COVID-19 travel limitations are an altering fast, but we're right here to help you discover the advice girlfriend need. Check our live web page for Russia travel constraints to view if you have the right to visit Russia, and if you'll must quarantine top top arrival.
The average flight time between United States and Moscow (Russia's capital), is 9 hours and also 30 minutes. This has actually been calculated based on journeys departing from Washington.
We crunched part numbers and also found the the cheapest month to paris to Russia is at this time April 2022.

Flying to Russia

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10 hrs 1 mins

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Cheap Flights come Russia

Russia is the largest nation in the world, through a fascinating culture and beautiful art and landscapes. Moscow, the capital city, and also Saint Petersburg, the former capital, are the most popular destinations for visitors. Moscow has actually the Red Square, Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin, and also other famous landmarks. Girlfriend can also see exceptional architecture and enjoy clear summers in Saint Petersburg.

Flights come Russia

Most civilization who paris to Russia walk to Moscow, which has actually three international airports. Sheremetyevo (SVO) is in the northwest the the city, Domodedovo (DME) is in the south, and also Vnukovo (VKO) is in the southwest. In Sheremetyevo, you deserve to take a spaceship bus in between all five of that terminals. If her final destination is in an additional city, you might need to change planes. Travel in between Moscow's airports through taxi costs around $30 if you require to readjust flights. Trains also connect countless cities and airports, and most train schedules screen Moscow time. Some global flights likewise come come the Russian urban of Sochi, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok, and Ekaterinburg.

Attractions in Russia

In Russia, you can enjoy tall mountains, rivers, and also geysers or visit Crimea because that a pilgrimage to the beach. Lake Baikal in Siberia is the oldest, deepest freshwater lake in the world, with majestic forests and even an ext relaxing resorts. Moscow and also Saint Petersburg sell a wide selection of museums, and also you deserve to see other cities also with a luxurious cruise the the Volga River. Music plays almost constantly ~ above the top deck of the ship, and also events and also discos are held there. If girlfriend don't desire to take it a plane from one city in Russia come another, girlfriend can also take the standard Trans-Siberian railway. It's part of the longest railway system in the world, and also it operation from Moscow come Vladivostok, a city close to Russia's border with China. Civilization call the the route of the tsars since Tsar Nicholas II finished it in 1916, and many trains have sleeper cars for comfortable overnight travel.

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Travel Tips because that Russia

Every city has a armed forces parade on victory Day, may 9, to commemorate people War II and also other wars. There's additionally Defender that the Fatherland job on February 23 for men and International Women's work on in march 8. Timeless music, ballet, and theater room popular. You have the right to sample timeless Russian dishes and also sample a selection of various other restaurants, favor Chinese or Italian. Gorky Park in Moscow supplies amusement park rides, attractive gardens, and open-air dining. Russia requires a visa for visitors from most countries, including the united States. Friend should use for her visa at the very least a month prior to you plan to fly to Russia; faster business is often available for secondary fee. Girlfriend can likewise rent an apartment for a couple of days or remain in a native Russian's home. Exchange your currency at banks or at tiny kiosks top top the street. Banks have limited hours, and also they usually have lower fees than kiosks.