Currently, you have the right to only travel to Afghanistan if you"re a citizen, or satisfy other strictly entry requirements. However, the world is reopening and also things are transforming fast. Examine our live COVID-19 map for Afghanistan travel restrictions and also sign up because that updates.

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The average flight time in between United States and Kabul (Afghanistan"s capital), is 17 hours and also 30 minutes. This has been calculated based upon journeys departing native Washington.

Cheap Flights come Afghanistan

Surrounded through snow-capped mountains and also rocky desert land is the beautiful country of Afghanistan. That is a country that celebrate a diverse society and recognizes Islam as the primary religion. Afghanistan is one unlikely place to take into consideration as a vacation destination due to its periodically volatile history and rumored dislike of American culture, but this nation is filled v citizens that welcome foreigners with arms large open and display one affectionate form of hospitality the you will certainly not find anywhere else. You have the right to share an really meal through a villager, uncover fine craftsmanship and also art in ~ a local bazaar, or travel out into the mountains and take in the majestic beauty of the communities below. Whether you room planning a expedition to the area for service or pleasure, save on her radar when it is time to publication your flight.

Airports in Afghanistan

There space a range of airports in Afghanistan you deserve to arrive in depending on if you space flying in between cities or into the nation from a ahead destination. Khwaja Rawash airport is the main airport for global travel and also it is situated in Kabul. This airport offers incoming flight services to the significant Middle Eastern airlines of the area. This airport go not market transportation native the airport, yet you have the right to arrange for a exclusive taxi company to get you into the city. Kandahar airplane is the 2nd largest worldwide airport in the country and is located roughly 10 miles outside of the city. It provides incoming and also outbound flights to countries all over the region. Both of these airports administer quick accessibility to the neighboring cities. Check out the airline ticket prices on and be prepared to take an amazing trip for a portion of the price of various other travel booking websites.

Where To remain in Afghanistan

Whether girlfriend are looking for a an elaborate luxury suite or would choose to rent a room indigenous a neighborhood family, will assist you pond the lowest possible price for your room accommodations. You can discover somewhere to stay in the city for together low together $29 a night. The hardest decision girlfriend will should make is how much you desire to spoil you yourself while there. Mainstream hotels like the Kabul Serena Hotel sell parking and cost-free WiFi come guests. Internet and many other Western comforts are considered luxuries in this area the the world, so girlfriend should consider what you will certainly need before booking her room.

What To perform in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is rich with religious history and culture. If you room in the area, check out the Kabul Museum, stroll about an city bazaar, and dine on some delicious food at one of the street merchant stands or in a neighborhood restaurant. Take it time to evaluate the complex culture the the an ar and accomplish some new people when there.

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Travel Advisories

Americans must exercise excessive caution once traveling come all parts of Afghanistan. Terrorist institutions are recognized to kidnap, torture, and also kill foreigners as result of radical beliefs. Women must observe the strict dress password of the country and also travel through a male as much as possible.