Planning a Hawaiian dream holidays just came to be much less complicated for a the majority of folks living in brand-new England. Hawaiian Airlines now announced that it would launch non-stop flights between Boston and Honolulu starting in April 2019.

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The relocate marks the an initial non-stop service available between the 2 cities. Interesting way enough, that will likewise become the brand-new longest domestic flight course in the unified States, clocking in at 5,095 miles. Boston Logan international Airport becomes the 2nd East coastline hub to obtain non-stop organization on Hawaiian Airlines. The carrier began daily non-stop company from Honolulu to brand-new York JFK in 2012.

Speaking of the news, Hawaiian airline President and CEO Peter Ingram said, “There is i do not have anything on earth like Hawaii, and also we are bringing our islands closer than ever to Boston with non-stop service…. Us look forward to share our heat hospitality through our brand-new England guests, whose vacation starts the minute they examine in and also step onto our plane.”

Boston is the largest U.S. Travel market that currently does not obtain non-stop business to Hawaii, and also it is approximated that virtually 500 world fly in between eastern new England and the islands of Hawaii many days. The airline said that travel between Boston Logan international Airport and Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye international Airport generated about $76 million in ticket sales critical year.

“Hawaiian Airlines has been an essential partner in do a Hawaiian vacation available to civilization from all over the world,” claimed Hawaii travel Authority president George Szigeti. “The higher Boston market at this time brings part 60,000 tourists to the island each year, that will now be able to fly nonstop come Hawaii board an airline the exemplifies our gracious regional hospitality.”

Flight schedules

The new flight will go into business on April 4, 2019, and will be readily available five days per week. Below is the flight schedule.

Hawaiian Airlines trip HA90 was given this number in honor of the airline’s upcoming 90th anniversary. It will depart Honolulu top top Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 1:45pm and also arrive in Boston the following mornings at 6:00am. The total flight time in this direction is 10 hours, 15 minutes.

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA91 will certainly depart Boston ~ above Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:55am and will arrive in Honolulu in ~ 2:35pm the very same day. Friday flights will certainly depart Boston in ~ 8:00am and also arrive in Honolulu at 1:40pm. Flight time in this direction is 11 hours, 40 minutes.

The path will it is in flown by the airline’s widebody Airbus A330. The jet has actually a full of 278 seats. Very first class consists of 18 lie-flat seat arranged in a 2 – 2 – 2 pattern. Each is upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather, is 20.5 inches broad and can recline to a complete length of 76 inches. Guests room given personal tablets loaded with entertainment selections and also Hawaii-inspired amenity kits with Lolii natural skincare products, and are treated to meals created by executive, management Chef ann Wong the Honolulu’s iconic Koko Head Café and a roster that guest chefs indigenous the islands.

In economy, seats are greatly in a 2 – 4 – 2 pattern. The 192 conventional seats room 16.5-18 inches vast and have 31 customs of pitch. The 68 in Extra Comfort space 18 inches large and have 36 inch of pitch. Each has actually its very own USB harbor for power and also an individual seatback to chat screen.

Celebration Fares

To celebrate the new service, Hawaiian is offering special discounted fares in economic situation and very first class. Tickets need to be to buy by Sunday, September 16, for travel from April 4-30 with blackout days from April 12-14 from Boston and 19-21 native Honolulu.

Round-trip fares in coach will be priced in ~ $617, a nod to Boston’s primary telephone area code. Travelers have the right to upgrade to Extra Comfort seat with much more legroom for $145 every way. First-class tickets will be priced at $1,776, in honor of Patriot’s day on April 15.

Though no cheap, exactly, these space not sky-high fares for flights the last around 11 hours. As soon as the discount ends, fares go up to $866 in coach and $2,395 in first.

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