Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have one the the most beautiful love stories in country music. Learn an ext about the couple’s romance and see image of them through the years!

Tim McGrawandFaith Hill space a nation love song come to life! The couple has been with each other for over 2 decades and also have among the longest lasting marital relationships in the music industry. The wasn’t precisely love at an initial sight because that these two, however over the course of your romance they have consistently displayed their fans the their love hasn’t wavered one iota because they exchanged your wedding vows back in 1996. Take it a look back at Tim and Faith’s romantic love story.

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Meeting In 1994

Tim McGraw and also Faith Hill carry out together at the Internatonal nation Music fan Fair festival in Nashville, Tenn., in this paper photo indigenous June 17, 1997 .Tim and Faith’s love story begins in 1994, as soon as the two very first met each various other in — whereby else? — Nashville! The then-rising stars the the nation music human being were both performing at the annual Country Radio Seminar in Music City, U.S.A. However their relationship didn’t blossom till a few short years later. In fact, Tim and also Faith to be both in an extremely different spots as soon as it involved their romantic lives. Tim was seeing Kristine Donahue and also Faith had actually just finalized she divorce fromDaniel Hill. However it wouldn’t take lengthy for Tim and Faith come come together.

Tim mister The inquiry In 1996

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Faith and Tim reconnected top top his aptly surname “Spontaneous burning Tour” in 1996. Tim had actually just broken off his connection with Kristine, while confidence was see someone else. But the two couldn’t deny your palpable chemistry. “Thought I’d take it y’all earlier a bit….From the ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ Tour…we just started dating,” Tim captioned a picture that that shared, special the two singing with each other in 1996. Quickly after, the pair obtained engaged and later married in October of the year come the surprised of their close friends and family members!

Becoming A household Of Five

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and also daughters attend the moment 100 concern celebrating the 100 most Influential human being in the human being on April 21, 2015 in ~ Frederick P increased Hall at Lincoln facility in brand-new York City .It wasn’t long after Faith and also Tim wed that they started adding to their young family. The pair welcomed their very first daughter,Gracie Katherine, in may 1997, less than one year after the 2 tied the not! In august 1998, the trio came to be a quartet as soon as their daughterMaggie Elizabeth was born. Finally, the family members was made finish when the pair welcomed their daughter Audrey Caroline in 2001. Faith and also Tim on regular basis gush about their daughters on society media, and the family members has proven just exactly how tightly knit they space over the years.

Their very first Tour with each other In 2000

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw do “Let’s do Love” in ~ the 35th yearly Academy of nation Music Awards, in this Wednesday, may 3, 2000 .While Tim and also Faith were without doubt superstars in their own right by 2000, they made one heck of a duo once they perform together. So, in 2000, the couple decided to walk on your very first tour together. The “Soul2Soul Tour” was aptly named for the couple’s love for one another and also was exceptionally successful. Faith and also Tim started the cross-country tour in July 2000 and wrapped it up by December of that year — that’s approximately six months on the road! after that, the couple continued come grace your fans with double performances and also duets.

Back On stage In 2006

Faith Hill and also Tim McGraw perform in new York’s Radio City Music Hall during the Fashion Rocks concert Thursday, Sept. 7, 2006 .By 2006, the duo was back together ~ above stage and also on the road. The couple’s 2nd tour to be a sequel of species to your first, specifically in the name. The “Soul2Soul II Tour” choose up appropriate where Faith and also Tim left off, through music native their particular careers and also duets aplenty from these two crooners!

Viva ras Vegas

Faith Hill, left, and Tim McGraw perform throughout a tribute come Willie Nelson in ~ the 46th annual Country Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena top top Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012, in Nashville .It was just a issue of time before Faith and Tim’s concerts took them all the method to Vegas. The pair shared a residency in the Entertainment funding of the human being for a variety of performances in 2012. They performed at the Venetian for 20 shows, settling because that a time in Vegas just for their stint.

20 years Of marital relationship In 2016

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to visit the 50th yearly CMA Awards in ~ the Bridgestone Arena top top Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, in Nashville .In October 2016, Faith and Tim celebrated 20 years of marriage. The couple, though outwardly united and perfectly content, have actually been forthcoming around the battles their marriage confronted at particular points. Tim notably discussed an ultimatum his wife offered him once his partying antics ended up being too much for Faith, your girls, and even Tim.

“When things happen and also you succeed past your wildest dreams and also you’re play all these an excellent shows and also the parties space going on,” Tim mutual with Hoda Kotbon theTodayshow ~ above November 5, 2019 while fostering his memoir Grit & Grace: Train The Mind, Train your Body, very own Your Life. “Then you’re married and also you have actually kids. And every one of a sudden your wife looks in ~ you and says, ‘You know, you’re obtaining a little overboard and you have to make part decisions.’ It makes a large impact on you,” that recalled. “In that instance, she knew that someone had to lay under the law. Getting real like only she have the right to do, faith told me, ‘Partying or family, take her pick.’”

A Duet Album

Faith Hill, left, and Tim McGraw do “Speak to A Girl” at the 52nd annual Academy of country Music Awards in ~ the T-Mobile Arena ~ above Sunday, April 2, 2017, in ras Vegas .

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Clearly, the struggles that Tim and also Faith confronted were absolutely no match for their unbreakable bond. After years of performing together and teasing a potential joint album, the pair finally delivered and also gave fans what they wanted.The rest of ours Lifedebuted on November 17, 2017 and was tape-recorded in 2016, when the pair celebrated two decades of marriage. The album featured 11 tracks v Tim and Faith to sing together, including songs like “Speak come a Girl” and the title monitor “The remainder of our Life.”