When Jersey Shore began, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s main goal was to find a “juicehead gorilla” to marry and have babies with. She ended up finding love through Jionni LaValle, that ironically she assumed would it is in a one-night-stand. Below is the Jersey Shore couple’s main relationship timeline. 

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and also Jionni LaValle | Lizzy breaks Sullivan

‘Snooki’ and Jionni LaValle met on ‘Jersey Shore’ in 2010

Polizzi met LaValle at Karma, one ofJersey Shore’shotspots.

“We met at the club,” Polizzi described to Larry King. “I hated him at first. Ns was simply like, ‘Oh he’s cute, he’ll carry out for tonight."” Polizzi didn’t think lot of LaValle initially, however by the loss that same year, the 2 were official an item. 

Nicole Polizzi and also Jionni LaValle started dating in October 2010

Despite she initial opinion the LaValle, the two began dating in the loss of 2010. LaValle certainly knew the way to Polizzi’s heart at the point, preparing she pickle pancakes as recorded on Twitter. 

Omg my friend made me a pickle pancake…yeahhhh he's amazing! http://plixi.com/p/51458370

— Nicole Polizzi (
snooki) October 18, 2010

The adhering to year in September, Polizzi and LaValle fight a speedbump in their relationship.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jionni LaValle’s Italy argument 

As documented on Jersey Shore, Polizzi “showed she vagina and boobs on the run floor” during their pilgrimage to Italy. Embarrassed, LaValle asked she to stop. Their drunken argument around the occasions of the night resulted in a breakup.

By February 2012, all seemed to it is in forgiven and the pair was earlier on track. “It’s intended to be!” Polizzi told Us Weekly in February 2012. “We’re happy to have discovered guys the we have actually found.” through March, the pair got engaged. 

‘Snooki’ and Jionni LaValle share large news in the feather of 2012 

In march 2012, Polizzi common some interesting news with Us Weekly. After a year and also a half of dating, she was engaged to LaValle and also 15 mainly pregnant. 

“I don’t treatment what anybody rather thinks,” Polizzi told the outlet about her transition in priorities. “As lengthy as I understand I’m ready and also he’s ready.”

“We space not going to screw this up,” LaValle added. The pair discovered they were pregnant shortly after new Years’, at which allude Polizzi had been drinking. Fortunately, their child was born healthy.

Polizzi filmed the final season of Jersey Shore while she was pregnant. LaValle join her, and the two remained in a separate house because of Polizzi’s condition. 

The ‘Jersey Shore’ family members gets more guidos and guidettes in 2012 and 2014 

The Jersey Shore couple invited their firstborn son, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, in august 2012. 2 years later in September 2014, Polizzi offered birth to she daughter, Giovanna Marie LaValle, simply two months prior to their wedding. 

Just twinnin v my house girl ‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/8gCgaeHd9m

— Nicole Polizzi (
snooki) January 29, 2021

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Polizzi and also LaValle tied the node on Nov. 29, 2014. Their Great Gatsby-themed wedding featured much of the Jersey Shore cast, minus beanie Guadagnino and also Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who had previously hooked up v Polizzi.

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi defends Jionni LaValle regarding Ashley Madison cases in 2015

A few months after their wedding, LaValle was accused of making use of Ashley Madison, a website that helped people meet discreetly because that affairs. Once the company’s data to be hacked, LaValle’s email was accused discovered. Polizzi take it to Instagram to defend her husband, who she dubbed the “most humble, respectful, and loyal” person.

“This morning when I got a contact from mine publicist that a story was going come be printed on mine husband ‘allegedly’ signing up on Ashley Madison, ns laughed,” Polizzi wrote. “I yes, really didn’t even want to identify this absurd story, yet when my family members is gift bashed for no reason- mama bear is gonna say what’s up. So no, my husband didn’t sign up on the website come cheat ~ above me.”

Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and Jionni LaValle return to truth TV 

Before Jersey Shore: family members Vacation came to be, Polizzi and LaValle functioned together ~ above the FYI series Nicole & Jionni’s shore Flip. The couple’s home-renovation aired in February 2016 and also took place in new Jersey, wherein they flipped shore properties.

Two years later, as soon as MTV announced Jersey Shore: family members Vacation, only Polizzi agreed come be component of the series. Some fans thought there was trouble in their marriage, but LaValle announced: “I am picking to not be ~ above TV since I just do not choose it.” 

‘Snooki’ and Jionni welcomed their 3rd child in might 2019

Polizzi and also LaValle’s 2nd son, Angelo James LaValle, to be born might 30, 2019.

My Saturday nights ‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/nrbW0mbjaO

— Nicole Polizzi (

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snooki) January 17, 2021

It’s unclear even if it is the pair wants to have much more children, however they seem very happy living the end of the Jersey Shore spotlight together a family.