Their relationship might have finished years ago, yet Blac Chyna and also Rob Kardashian’s drama is far from over. A custody battle and also other legal problems mean the tension simply keeps coming, and also it bring away a comprehensive timeline to break down everything it is happened in between these two. But despite every the ups and also downs, at the very least one an excellent thing came from this couple, and also that’s daughter Dream.

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Dream is arguably the cutest Kardashian kid, and parents Chyna and also Rob go their best to it is in a happy family for her. “I to be trying to give her a chance,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians kid said about his baby mama throughout an April 2018 disposition as part of his September 2017 polite suit end alleged battery and also assault, i m sorry his ex filed a motion to dismiss in February 2020. “I just want a son with one woman, so ns going to give this mrs a chance. But, friend know, it never — it just never reconciled. It just obtained worse. Everything just got worse.” once it was clear the connection was done for good, his just thoughts were because that his daughter. “I just felt sad for my baby.”


At times, the model has also been able to look past her legitimate squabbles through her ex and recognize Rob has been there because that his daughter. “Coparenting is actually really good. I’m absolutely grateful for both my infant fathers and whatnot,” she called Us Weekly in December 2019. “They do provide me that break for this reason I deserve to rejuvenate myself as a woman and also just get earlier focus. Or, if I need to do something, it just provides me that leeway. So, that’s, ns think, key.”

That same month, Chyna also commended her ex because that his current weight lose while speaking exclusively with Life & Style. “Go, Rob! That’s constantly good, especially since that’s Dreamy’s dad, and also I desire him to collection an example for her,” she claimed at the time. “So, i think that a positive thing the he’s slimming down and also worrying around his health, i m sorry is very, very, very important.”

But just because these 2 have dubbed the occasional truce, the doesn’t median they’ve make peace. Check the end the gallery below to check out Blac Chyna and also Rob’s complete relationship timeline.

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January 2016

The couple first do waves as soon as they walk Instagram official with a photo that seemingly showed them cuddling together. Though only Blac Chyna’s challenge was in the picture, fans recognized the tattoos top top Rob’s arm. Considering Chyna’s baby daddy Tyga was still attached to Rob’s sister Kylie Jenner at the time, the partnership reveal was an ext than a tiny controversial.


March 2016

For a second, the seemed like this partnership would be over before the began. 2 months ~ they go public, the Kardashian son deleted every one of the posts on his Instagram account — and also Chyna added a brand-new picture that appeared to referral a breakup. “It’s difficult to have actually a positive relationship through so much negativity indigenous the media and also outsiders,” rob told fans together he asked because that privacy. “We would appreciate it if everyone respects that.”


April 2016

One month later, castle were ago on, and also Chyna was reflecting off an substantial rock on her ring finger. BFF Amber increased seemed to confirm the pair was engaged, writing, “Congratulations come my family members
robkardashian!!! please don’t let nothing or no one tear males apart! ns never seen mine sis therefore happy, and I can not be much more happy because that her! periodically we discover love in the strangest places?”


May 2016

They ongoing to take their partnership to the next level when the version showed off her infant bump on social media, revealing the couple were expecting a kid together.

July 2016

Just a few months into the pregnancy, however, they seemed all set to split once again. Rob even deleted every one of his Instagram posts except because that a solitary photo of himself, one of his signature moves when there’s trouble at home.

November 2016

She’s here! The parents welcomed their adorable daughter, Dream. The baby was Rob’s very first and Chyna’s second after having son King Cairo through ex Tyga.

December 2016

Wedding bells appeared to be ringing together reports indicated the pair set a day — but, soon enough, the connection hit a hurdle. On Snapchat, plunder revealed Chyna had actually left and taken Dream v her. “I’m nice upset and also I’m quite sad,” that wrote. “Because it’s around to it is in Christmas and also I want to be with my baby.” yet a couple of days later, castle were as soon as again hot and also heavy.

February 2017

The turmoil ongoing as break-up rumors spread simply one month ~ the pair celebrated your one-year anniversary. “Rob thinks it’s the best decision,” one insider said Us Weekly, hinting at a breakup. “Chyna has disappeared because that days in ~ a time without interacting or providing any type of updates. This won’t end well.”

March 2017

However, the pair wasn’t ready to give up hope simply yet, and also they determined to store trying, likely since of your daughter. In one interview v Cosmopolitan southern Africa, Chyna hinted she “goes v ups and downs,” but promised she to be “in it because that the lengthy haul.”

July 2017

A few months later, the notorious revenge porn scandal walk down once Rob posted explicit image of his infant mama top top Instagram, accusing her of cheating ~ above him. In response, she claimed on Snapchat he was physically abusive with her, allegations i m sorry Rob denied in December 2017 court paperwork.

September 2017

Despite their breakup, the two managed to job-related out one legal fight as they agreed to split joint custody of Dream.

November 2018

A year later, Rob declared he could “no much longer afford” the $20,000 boy support payment they’d worked out on, and also he went back to court come fight to acquire it lowered. ~ the revenge erotic scandal, the stepped out of the spotlight — which intended his earning dried up. In court papers, he declared he had actually “minimal cash flow and also no savings” and had even moved in with mother Kris Jenner.

February 2019

Did they finally make peace? after ~ dropping your custody battle, both stars took to Twitter to guarantee fans they were on the very same page about raising Dream. “ and also I room both proactively co-parenting and also there are no pending or active custody cases,” plunder tweeted, and also his ex backed him up. “ only issue is what’s in the best interest of ours daughter that us both equally love. Additionally, Robert is a wonderful dad to ours Dreamy!” she wrote.

June 2019

Though the couple had starred with each other on their reality TV show, Rob & Chyna, castle butted heads when Chyna landed a new series, The actual Blac Chyna. She wanted Dream to have the ability to film, but the toddler’s dad no agree — and also he had his attorney action in to resolve the issue. “My display is around my life and also my children are a huge component of mine life. It’s yes, really sad that every little thing I execute to far better myself or my family, the same people have something to say to prevent or hinder it,” the mother of two said.

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January 2020

As it turns out, the custody drama wasn’t end either. In a statement shared with In Touch, Blac Chyna’s attorney, Lynne Ciani, asserted Rob to be trying to take it Dream away from her mother after explain she to be a “danger” to the toddler. “Chyna will vigorously dispute this latest, despicable attempt to take it away her daughter in a court of regulation — whereby she will store prevailing versus her ex-fiancé Rob and also the other malicious and also vindictive members that his household (namely, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and also Kylie Jenner),” Ciani said.

March 2020

The tension escalated further when In Touch learned Dream experienced a second-degree burn on her leg while in ~ dad Rob’s home. Ciani evidenced Chyna contacted the room of Children and Family services (DCFS) and the police to request an investigation, if Rob’s attorney, Marty Singer, refuse the incident was anything much more than an regrettably accident. “The health, safety and well-being of Dream is and also has constantly been Rob’s top priority,” Singer said. “Following an investigation by the DCFS and the police in which Rob fully cooperated, he has actually every factor to think that there will certainly be no findings of any kind of safety problems in his home.”