Liza Koshy is a YouTube star with almost 15 million followersCredit: Instagarm

How old is Liza Koshy?

Liza to be born in in march 1996 therefore she is 25.

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As one actress, producer, audioeditorfree.commedian and also vlogger and has almost 15 million YouTube subscribers.

Liza is reaudioeditorfree.comgnized for her slap-stick audioeditorfree.commedy, mad face expressions and quick-fire wit - she has likewise interviewed Barack Obama.

As an actress she stars in teenager horror show Freakish and also she audioeditorfree.com-hosts MTV's totally Request Live.


Liza is just one of the most successful YouTubers in the worldCredit: Getty photos - Getty

When walk Liza split from David Dobrik?

In a joint video clip in June 2018, Liza and also her then-boyfriend of three years David Dobrik - dubbed the Posh and Becks that YouTube - announced they were no much longer together.

They said they had actually actually break-up six months earlier but want to wait it spins they were "audioeditorfree.commfortable with it" before they told their fans.

Though the pair messed around in the video, both were clearly upset with Liza getting very emotional.

During the six-minute video, they described that Liza had made the decision audioeditorfree.comme split, and also that she was "going with some issues right now".


Liza broke up v David Dobrick in 2018Credit: YouTube

However they haven't ruled out the possibility of a reunion in the future.

David said: "It wasn't healthy and balanced for united state to audioeditorfree.comntinue to be together - because that now. Girlfriend never reaudioeditorfree.comgnize what might happen, but just no now.

Liza added: “We walk nothing to each other to reason a break up. We have actually a lot of of growth and development and learning and also loving audioeditorfree.comme do.”

Who is Liza Koshy dating appropriate now?

Liza is right now single.

However, her and David have remained on an excellent terms because their split.

Liza keeps pan up-to-date v her solitary life on Instagram, whereby she boasts over 19million followers.



What's Liza's network worth?

Acaudioeditorfree.comrding audioeditorfree.comme Celebrity network Worth Liza is worth around £4.3m.

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The main source of her inaudioeditorfree.comme is assumed to be from YouTube.


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