The earth is approximated to have formed about 4.6 exchange rate (4600 million) years ago, and yet by 3.9 billion year ago, only shortly ~ the molten earth solidified, the seas formed, and the asteroid bombardment ceased, over there is evidence of the very first primitive life. Only in the last 500 million year or so did facility life start to evolve, and that represents simply 12% of Earth"s history. The human being lineage only diverged from our many recent usual ancestor around 5 million year ago; much less than fifty percent of 1% of that time, and contemporary Homo sapiens is only between 200,000 and 50,000 years old, depending upon your definition. Such substantial spans that time are difficult for us to comprehend. Also the shapes and locations of the continents, which have been virtually the exact same throughout every one of human history, are now well-known to have undergone dramatic move that influenced ocean currents, animal migration routes, and even the climate. The planet has undergone significant changes because its beginning, and also is very, very old. We"ve only been right here for the wink of one eye. We are living now in the midst of the largest plant and also animal extinction because the end of the Cretaceous, as soon as the dinosaurs passed away out. The cause, this time, is no asteroid influence or ice age, yet us. Offered the means in which humans have been an altering the planet, you have to wonder even if it is we"ll critical as long as the dinosaurs did!

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For an ext detailed information around the geologic timescale, and for a timeline of significant biological events, check out Wikipedia. Here are some questions to study using the links to every time duration in the table above.
How old is the Earth? Describe conditions on the primitive Earth.When walk the first life appear? explain the earliest forms of life.How did the Earth"s atmosphere concerned be so well-off in oxygen?What is a "eukaryote"? when did castle appear? exactly how do they different from prokaryotes?When did the an initial multi-cellular forms of life appear? exactly how did castle arise?What room the characteristics of a Protist?Describe the life develops of the Cambrian.What is a chordate? What is a vertebrate?What happened during the Ordovician?What is a fixed extinction? What could reason one to occur?Describe the life develops of the Silurian.What adaptations are necessary in bespeak to make the transition from aquatic (water) come terrestrial (land) habitats?Why is the Devonian dubbed the period of Fishes? How have actually fishes readjusted since the Ordovician?Describe the Carboniferous period. Just how did forests of that time form today"s coal and also oil deposits?What occurred at the finish of the Permian? What to be the result?Reptiles overcame the Triassic, Jurassic, and also Cretaceous. Just how did they readjust during this time?Why is it believed that the dinosaurs go extinct? What to be the an outcome of this extinction?How is the Tertiary various from contemporary times?What is an ice cream age? Why execute they occur? when was the last big one?When walk the first humans appear?

The 24 Hour Clock Analogy


To aid you placed the age of the planet in perspective, this analogy might be helpful. If friend think of every one of Earth"s background as having taken ar in simply one day, climate the pie-chart above is a 24 hour clock. The planet forms in ~ 12:00 am, and also cools down from a molten state over the next several hours. The oceans kind and the asteroid bombardment diminishes. Very primitive single celled life appears an extremely quickly, before 4:00 am, and photosynthetic organisms show up before 6:00 am. Right around noon, the atmosphere becomes oxygen rich. Through 1:00 pm (13:00 h) the single-celled eukaryotes have actually arrived. By 5:00 pm (17:00 h) the very first multicellular develops appear. The first aquatic animals don"t arrive till after 8:00 pm. Plants colonize land at 9:30 pm and land pets follow in ~ 10:00 pm. The dinosaurs space the life that the party for about an hour; from 10:40 pm to 11:40 pm. Human being ancestors separation off native the rest of the hominids at just two minute to midnight, and contemporary humans arrive together the clock strikes midnight. You can download this Excel record to see how the chart to be made.


If us overlay a 24 hour clock ~ above the background of the Earth, the an excellent span that time becomes much easier to comprehend.

Major Events

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Hadean 12:00:00 AM 4:10:26 AM Uni-cellular life shows up before 4:00 am
Archean 4:10:26 AM 10:57:23 AM Photosynthesis begins approximately 5:30 am