There"s no bigger pan of Trisha Yearwood 보다 her husband, Garth Brooks. Just ask him.

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During an figure on his Facebook series Inside Studio G,Brooks described that he"s in awe that his superstar wife.

"When we first started to sing together, she said me I had actually to. After every song, I had to bow to her," Brooks joked, before getting serious around his appreciation because that Yearwood. "Long before I ever before thought that was feasible to day the woman, much less marry her, I"m the greatest fan the Trisha Yearwood"s voice you have the right to imagine."

Brooks, who claimed he bows to his wife due to "her gift, of she talent, and the reality that she"s excellent it on she own, as a woman in this business," states Yearwood is long overdue for an induction right into the nation Music hall of Fame.

"One the the biggest crimes in country music background right now: Trisha Yearwood is no in the nation Music hall of call yet. That is a crime because I cannot tell you exactly how many world have relocated to this town because this woman"s voice drove lock here," Brooks continued. "This is the best singer we have in nation music, arguably, and also so I"m a huge, large fan."

Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood"s Love Story

Brooks and also his wife Yearwood have actually been happy married since 2005, yet sometimes you need to have patience until the stars align and the timing is perfect. Despite the sweet romance the superstars publicly screen currently, their an initial meeting was platonic.

What"s installation is that nation music is what lugged the singers together. They met because that the an initial time in 1987 as soon as both to be still struggling artist without record labels. This encounter was two years prior to Brooks" very first album was released complying with his record attend to Capitol Records. They to be in songwriter Kent Blazy"s attic studio recording a demo. Blazy would certainly actually go on to write hit songs for Brooks, "If Tomorrow never ever Comes" and "Ain"t Goin" Down."

The story simply gets cuter since apparently, Brooks called Yearwood the she can open for him if he ever made it big. And also she did! never in their wildest dreams did lock foresee your futures together massive country stars. They probably wouldn"t have believed you at the time if girlfriend told castle they would certainly both walk on to it is in Grand Ole Opry members. While they were instantly drawn to each other, they were in various other relationships and also wanted to make those work. In spite of the poor timing, as soon as you know, friend know. Brooks stated in an interview top top the Ellen Degeneres present that the felt choose someone meeting his wife. He was right. And also his debut album would readjust both of their lives.

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Brooks remained married to his Oklahoma State University university sweetheart and first wife Sandy Mahl for 13 years. Throughout their marriage, the couple welcomed three daughters -- Allie Colleen, Taylor Mayne Pearl, and also August Anna. Throughout that time, Yearwood divorced her an initial husband, musician kris Latham also as second husband, Bobby Reynolds. After years of staying close friends and collaborating musically, both stars to be finally totally free to act on their feelings for each other after Brooks" an initial marriage finished in 2001.

In 2005, after dating for a few years, the seven-time CMA entertainment artist of the Year-winner proposed to Yearwood in front of a group of thousands in ~ Crystal royal residence in Bakersfield, California (owned by country legend Buck Owens). Of course, Yearwood was over the moon, stated "yes," and also they married in former of just four household members at their Oklahoma home.

The pair notoriously hate being apart and also have had plenty of avenues to work and also travel together over the years. They have actually performed at the CMA Awards together and they even found time to make a Christmas duet album together dubbed Christmas Together. Brooks had actually a civilization tour (and is at this time prepping because that a huge stadium tour). V it all, they put their partnership first. You can hear it directly from Brooks in his 2019 one-of-a-kind on A&E: Garth Brooks: The road I"m On.

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The sweet couple also supports each other in your passions outside of the Nashville music scene. If Brooks is totally focused ~ above his music, the nation singer has actually supported his wife and also her an altering course to concentration on her Food Network show, Trisha"s southerly Kitchen. Her present has to be running since 2012 and even won a Daytime Emmy for superior Culinary program in 2013.